Lucid Dreaming is a Powerful Way to Explore the Subconscious Mind and Better Understand How One Processes Life Consciously

Lucid Dreaming is a Powerful Way to Explore the Subconscious Mind and Better Understand How One Processes Life Consciously

For those who have ever wanted to manage the narrative and observe the storyline of their dreams, research suggests that this is possible through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability of consciously realizing that one is dreaming during REM cycle sleep. In other words, one is able to set an intention with the power of their imagination to influence their dreams with a conscious mind. Through lucid dreaming, one can improve their overall psychological wellbeing by learning and growing through experiences generated from their dreams.

Once lucid, a person can explore their subconscious mind uninhibited to better understand and stop nightmares, practice real life events and encounters, and engage in all sorts of wishes and desires in the safety of their dreams.

Everyone sleeps for over 1/3 of their lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to tap into the wealth of knowledge and information in the subconscious mind instead of wasting all that time simply sleeping?

So how does it work? How does one unlock this hidden potential within themselves?

There are a variety of ways to achieve lucid dreaming.

While there is no one-size-fits-all once a day pill that a person can take to achieve a lucid dream state, there are a few lucid dream stimulators on the market. A few of The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s favorite products include:

Blue Lotus Tea

Blue Lotus flower, known as the dream flower by ancient Egyptians was used to induce meditation, open and enhance third eye function and encourage lucid dreaming. The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Blue Lotus Tea is made exclusively from the fragrant Blue Lotus flowers, known for their ability to reduce stress and heighten the senses, preparing one for the perfect, memorable, lucid dream state.

Dream Elixir

The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Dream Elixir is designed to fight insomnia by promoting a deep REM cycle sleep which encourages lucid dreaming. The herbs and botanicals that make up this unique elixir have been used by monks, shamans and scientists around the globe for their restorative properties, particularly on the hypothalamus which is the control center of the brain for sleep and arousal.

Lucid Dreaming Tea

With the use of a few key ingredients, The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Lucid Dreaming Tea allows the body and mind to destress and promotes the extraction of deep alpha and beta waves. This allows for the ideal atmosphere for lucid dreaming.

Those interested in a deeper dive to learn more about Lucid Dreaming please consider joining the 6-Week Lucid Dream course: Dreaming Awake. In this course, one will learn through guided meditation the techniques right for them and their mind to achieve lucid dreams. Participants will be introduced to a community of instructors and participants along with the tools necessary to aid a person in their journey of achieving lucid state dreaming.

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