Incredible Xinjiang | Far away from city they choose Hemu village to spend winter, a cold and beautiful fairyland

Located in central Altay Mountains in northern Xinjiang, at the national 5A tourist attraction  Kanas scenic area, Hemu village has become a internet check-in village, especially with the heating up of winter tourism in recent years. 

Li Linhai and tourists are discussing the traveling plan. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Just few years ago, few people knew the beautiful scenery of Hemu village in winter. Because of the the heavy snow in winter, the village always was blocked from outside. Thanks to the vigorously improving in traffic of remote village, and professional obstacle removal team, more and more tourists can visit this village in winter now.

A tourist takes photos in Hemu Village. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Hemu village. (Photo by Fu Rui/Xinhuanet)

Seeing the tourism boom, Li Linhai gave up his city life and moved to the village few years ago. Now, he and his local villager friend run an inn in Hemu village. 

Li Linhai shows visitors how to make ice in the air by pouring hot water. (Photo by Song Xinbao/Xinhuanet)

There are bread and butter in life, but also, poems and dreams. In Li’s mind, Hemu is where he can write his poems and realize his dreams. He even added starry room in his inn.

Horse drinks by river. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Because he is good at photography and marketing, besides receiving guests, Li is also in charge of recommending the inn through internet. 

The starry sky at night in Hemu village. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Flowing streams, green pastures, sheep or cows, curling smoke out of kitchen chimneys… Li recorded many beautiful scenery in Hemu, and some of the pictures are very popular on the internet. Many tourists followed his pictures to visit this village. 

Li Linhai shows his videos posted on the internet. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

And when the tourists come, Li becomes a good guide. Under his guidance, tourists can find the best place to take pictures, which provides great help to visitors who wanted to share their travelling on Wechat moments.  

Hemu river. (Photo by Fu Rui/Xinhuanet)

Besides Li Linhai’s inn, there is internet famous cafe in the village. The cafe’s owner Shi Huaping started her business in Hemu from running the inn and restaurant. Later she introduced the cafe into the village. 

Tourists take a horse-draw sledge in Hemu village. (Photo by Fu Rui/Xinhuanet)

Last winter, a ski resort opened near the village, many skiers rushed here for skiing. Seeing the opportunity from winter tourism, last year she began to expand her inn and restaurant.

Hemu bridge. (Photo by Fu Rui/Xinhuanet)

Shi Huaping serves coffee to visitors. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Local villagers also feels happy about the changing. Maliqin is good skier of ancient fur snowboards.

Tourists have rest in cafe. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

Skiers take snowmobiles to ski resort. (Photo by Fu Rui/Xinhuanet)

Maliqin shows his handmade fur snowboard. (Photo by Fu Yupeng/Xinhuanet)

“There are more and more visitors come here to spend winter.” he said, “maybe someday I can find a good opportunity to get a business.”  

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