The video and audio technology of Meicam supports the “visualization” upgrade of Bodian music App

Now, everyone loves to listen to music, thus music apps have become the most direct way for music lovers to listen to songs. Currently, with the variety of mainstream music apps in the industry, and the competition is very fierce. Except for the external music copyright authorization, many music platforms have begun to develop more innovative features to attract users.

Music short videos have the advantage of “visualization” and rapid dissemination, which have become an important form of spreading music. Moreover, it promotes the transformation of music from ‘listening’ to ‘watching’. An industry insider said, “Among all kinds of audio-visual consumer products, short videos have the largest user scale, user duration, and market scale.” Therefore, it is necessary for music platforms to promote the development of short video functions. At present, all music platforms are also working on expanding the short video business.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group launched a new generation music app “Bodian Music”, which combines the advantages of online music and short video to create a music video software with a strong music atmosphere.

There are two major features of Bodian Music:

1. Personalized recommendation: According to the user’s listening preferences, Bodian can  AI personalized recommend user music, and it presents music in the form of short music videos.

When entering Bodian Music for the first time, the user can select the music genre of interest, and then the music genre singer will be recommended for the user. After the selection is completed, the app will generate a unique UI for each person. Obviously, it determines how Bodian presents its style and tone for the user because of its characteristics of “content visualization”.

2. Customization of works: Users can upload dynamic backgrounds for their favorite music, which can add more visual stories and atmosphere to the music.

Each user can set the background for the song, so a song can have multiple background images, and the user can switch different background effects by swiping left and right.

If users want to upload their favorite pictures or videos, just click the button [Create Background].

Use one or more pictures, you can choose different transition modes when previewing;

Use a video, you can adjust the interval and duration of the video when previewing.

Bodian Music uses video tools to create music video feature in order to provide users with novel and personalized interactions. Bodian uses short video technology to empower the upgrade from “audio feast” to “visualization”, and adapt to the development of market demand. Through the improvement of audio and video technology, it can not only attract more users who are addicted to short videos but also attract young users who value DIY effects. While listening to songs, can also meet the needs of humanization and increase user loyalty.  Behind the creative function of this video tool, powerful audio-visual technical support is indispensable.

As a deep technology partner, Meicam has been focusing on the development of the audio and video field for more than 20 years and has mastered more than 70 patented technologies. The technology has always been in sync with the international level, and the latest video technology has been continuously applied to related fields.

The current product matrix of Meicam includes mobile video HD shooting and deep editing SDK, AR face props, automatic color correction, AI smart editing, H5 applet, cloud editing, virtual anchor and other solutions and smart video production service platform, Material creator service platform and other production service platforms. Its full-process function from shooting to editing covers all current mainstream video feature and supports all terminals of Mobile, Web, PC, and servers. It has a flexible technical architecture, using multi-threading and GPU, CPU cooperative pre-processing mechanism, natural language processing algorithm, and other technologies, which is unanimously recognized by leading manufacturers in various industries. Now, Meicam provides its service to many leading customers in various fields, such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, bilibili, Sina, etc., Leading customers in various fields. And it also cooperates with traditional enterprises such as State Grid and SMG and promotes the integrated media in government and enterprises. Except for domestic customers, Meicam will also deploy foreign markets to provide its intelligent audio-visual solutions in overseas markets. At present, it has provided in-depth technical services in the United States, South Korea, India, Singapore, and other countries and local Internet companies.

In the future, Meicam will use the technical advantages of traditional video and audio processing to provide partners and developers with more innovative feature and imagination. Meanwhile, Meicam will continue to achieve product innovation, and provide users with a better experience.

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