Knew Heath Offers Little Known Strategy for Groups to Save 30-70% on Health Insurance

Knew health offers little known strategy that provides financial help to companies and employees during tough times.

Chicago, IL – March 12, 2021 – Knew Health offers an intentionally different, little known, option to free up 30 to 70 percent of the cash currently being spent on health insurance for employees.

Knew Health offers financial protection from damaging medical bills through a well proven non-faith-based medical cost sharing community model. Knew Health members contribute monthly to a community pool of funds that are distributed to other members of the community based on submission of medical costs associated with an accident or illness.

Knew Health typically delivers savings of $1,500 or more per employee per year to businesses at rates for employees and their families that start at $142 per month.

“Magic isn’t magic once you know how it’s done” says Eric Jacobs of Knew Health. “The bulk of the savings comes from not accepting members over 64 years of age and not having the administrative burden of being regulated”. Knew Health also provides heath and wellness products, services, and education to help keep members healthy such as free Health Coaching and highly discounted supplements. Members and their chosen healthcare providers enjoy not being restricted to a network of providers nor having treatment protocols driven by an insurance company.

“As a serial entrepreneur, I can relate to the real-world financial pressure created by rising health insurance costs on companies and their employees,” says Jacobs. “I really enjoy helping companies free up precious cash for survival and growth. The other day I helped a company qualify for financing they were rejected for. We improved their cash flow within 60 days by offering Knew Health – they even qualified for a lower interest rate.”

About Knew Health

Knew Health is an intentionally different, rapidly growing company that sits at the intersection of health/wellness and financial peace of mind as an affordable alternative to health insurance. It is not for everyone, but when there is a good fit, it is a game changer.

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