Working Mom Co-Founds the World’s First Herbal Soda Line: Jing Soda®

Organic, Sugar-Free, Herbal-Enhanced Soda Concentrate.

Rebecca Gauthier was pregnant with her first child when she founded Jing Soda® with her husband Len Foley.

“I knew that I never wanted my daughter to grow up drinking commercial brand soda which is so addictive because it contains a lot of sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.”

So she tasked her husband Len with creating a delicious” beverage that had the taste and feel of commercial brand soda without all the yucky ingredients… and was good for you!

And Jing Soda® was born (along with a healthy baby girl, Sofia).

The world’s first herbal soda, Jing Sodas® are made from all organic fruit and plant concentrates and infused with immune-supporting, super herbs including: Reishi, Turmeric, Chaga, Astragalus, Ginseng, Schizandra Berry and Rehmannia.

Jing Soda comes in seven classic flavors: Cola, Cherry Cola, Root Beer Cream, Ginseng Lemon Lime, Vanilla Cream, Turmeric Orange, and Super Berry. Available at:

Simple to make and easy to travel with, you just add a squirt of your favorite Jing Soda to bubbly water, and enjoy!

“My daughter Sofia drinks Jing Soda every day. Not only is she doing something beneficial for her body, but she really enjoys it! She never feels deprived or left out, and doesn’t even like sugary drinks because she is used to consuming only natural ingredients.”

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