Discusses the Needs One May Have for Blue Light Glasses Discusses the Needs One May Have for Blue Light Glasses

There are very few people who do not have access to and spend a lot of time on an electronic device. It is no surprise that most feel eye strain after hours of being on these devices. So, what is causing this strain, and how can it be relieved? The following information on this page can help determine if using blue light blocking glasses is best.

What is Blue Light?

Most laypeople do not understand what blue light is. Eyes see a range of colors, but blue light is considered high-energy visible light, which hits eyes at a higher frequency. Blue light occurs naturally from the sun and controls things like sleep cycles and memory. Excessive exposure to light is not recommended, as too much exposure to blue light stimulates the brain and causes a person’s wake/sleep cycle to be disrupted. That makes it difficult to get adequate sleep. 

How Does One Know if They Need the Glasses?

Many factors can play a part in a person needing these types of glasses.

  • If one’s vision is hazy or fuzzy at the end of the day. Eye strain may not be noticed during the day while a person is busy at work, but at the end of the day, the individual’s vision may be hazy or fuzzy from the prolonged strain. 

  • Spending 10 or more hours a day on electronic devices with few or no breaks. If this is something that is done consistently, then these glasses are most likely needed.

  • Eyes are constantly watering. Along with blurry vision, eye strain can also cause eyes to excessively water.

  • Frequent headaches. This can be a tell-tale sign that eye strain is occurring.

  • Stiff or sore neck, back, and shoulders. This is also a sign the eyes are straining to see. It can cause these muscles to stiffen, making them sore. 

  • Trouble sleeping. As previously discussed, natural blue light from the sun controls a person’s wake and sleep pattern, so too much exposure disrupts this pattern. When Did Everyone Get Blue-Light Glasses? Once blue light blocking glasses are worn frequently, the wearer’s sleep patterns will improve, According to, 

How do They Work?

The glasses work by literally blocking the blue light from the electronic devices. The lenses are made from materials that filter out the blue light rays and result in less strain on the wearer’s eyes. Many of the lenses are also treated with an anti-glare chemical to reduce even more strain. This blue-blocking material can be added to prescription lenses, or the lenses can be non-corrective and used solely for blue light protection. If one realizes that these are the right glasses for them head over to a company such as Felix Gray!

Blue light can cause many physical issues. Headaches, shoulder/neck problems, and interrupted sleep may not be fatal ailments, but they can all seriously disrupt a person’s life. Small changes every day, such as limiting screen time in conjunction with wearing blue-blocking glasses, can decrease these symptoms and increase everyday life quality.

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