Whatsworth contributes to the rise of influencer marketing through affiliate networking

Whatsworth is a monetization platform for influencers that provides valued customers with a selection of high-quality brands and products at affordable prices.

Hong Kong – Despite the evolution of marketing methods and strategies, amid the myriad of content available online today, reaching out to target audiences in an effective manner is always a challenge.

Keeping accessibility and influencer reach in mind, Whatsworth provides the best affiliate programs for social media influencers to monetize their following and reach. With thousands of products to choose from, their affiliate programs are simple yet rewarding.

Compared to several other digital marketing options which depend on user accessibility and high costs between corporations for using certain platforms, affiliate marketing’s targeted content is more likely to fetch dividends for both parties, which becomes a driving force for Whatsworth affiliate programs as well as the influencers that join them.

In today’s fast fashion-oriented world, influencer marketing is the art of connecting brands and the powerful voices of digital content creators. This connection helps to drive authentic conversations around a product message, conclusively driving awareness and engagement. Influencer marketing provides brands with the opportunity to reach and engage audiences via individuals they rely on and trust.

As a company, Whatsworth allows Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers on social media platforms to select and try out their products for free. In return, their unbiased reviews and recommendations on the products generate traffic from their following to the landing pages of the product.

Influencers have the opportunity to get access to thousands of interesting products and educate their followers about which products are actually worth buying. All campaign management is carried out on the Whatsworth platform and is mostly handled by their dedicated team. Influencers can sign up with a simple form, and a screenshot of their following to receive detailed instructions on what to do next.

In terms of monetization, the program pays the influencer a commission that goes up to more than $400 along with free products. All compensations and payments at Whatsworth are issued fairly and promptly. Budding YouTube channel artists or bloggers can sign up and get free products to create reviews for their channel.

Whatsworth affiliate program allows the influencer to directly connect with the merchant through the program and the freedom to choose whether they want to promote a particular product or not. The majority of the products involved are linked with big well-known platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Some product selections are also linked with their official brand websites erasing any doubts about product quality.

The management at Whatsworth believes in handing over the power of choice and judgment to Social Media Opinion Leaders and Key Opinion Customers, so that the customers can benefit from this and make an informed decision about their purchase. The team believes that it is integral for Whatsworth to develop more affordable products and provide customers with a greater user interface, which is why providing the perfect shopping experience is vital to them.

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