An international award-winning solo artist Sarantos releases a new song, “Change”, a goth rock, spooky and dark music video

Sarantos is a multi-talented solo artist, who has won several awards with his solo music career. To him, music is more than just a catchy tune. Every song and video he makes has a back story and a moral to share; his latest song, Change follows this same philosophy. Change is a dark rock song that urges people to keep on changing and never be constant in life.

Chicago, IL, USA – Every time anyone thinks, thinks they know me I change. The older I get, I got no regrets, I never forget, to change.” A part of the lyrics from the new funk rock song Change by Sarantos. This new rock song has dark, gothic and spooky vibes to it while delivering a message to not keep a constant pace in life and keep on changing according to what life throws at you. This goth rock anthem has been written and sung completely by Sarantos, a solo artist who wants people to feel like dancing, singing and replaying his songs over and over again.

Sarantos is a DIY international award-winning music artist, whose love for music began in his childhood. He wrote his first-ever song when he was in fourth grade and has been writing and singing since then. His passion and drive for music has enabled him to win several awards. In 2017, Sarantos had two songs submitted and accepted for consideration for a Grammy Award for Rock Song of The Year. Both songs made it to the final 300 and the last round of voting. Along with his attachment to music, he is also a book author, having written multiple books in his lifetime.

The dedication towards his craft can be seen by the fact that Sarantos has promised to release a new song and new lyric video the first week of each month, a music video the second week, a new book chapter the third week and a Behind-the-Scenes video and poem the fourth week of each month. This cycle is to continue throughout Sarantos entire life.

The latest single by Sarantos, Change comes with a fascinating new music video. This dark and gothic video is the latest creation and is presented as a snarky gift for his fans. According to Sarantos, “Don’t watch this goth rock anthem music video if you’re happy with your life! Seriously. This is a dark and spooky tune that rocks. Do not throw on your black threads, your crushed velvet, and break out the djarum clove cigs and waste 3 minutes watching this video.” Music made by Sarantos is a mix between Queen, Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran, and it shows. Sarantos is a true artist, who has devoted his entire life to music, books and comics. 



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