Abiolu Odunayo alias Shewenzi, digital marketer and dancer who integrates different jobs

Shewenzi, a Nigerian born master of all trade, is a multi-talented entrepreneur, digital marketer and dancer, who has combined different talents without any kind of clash between them. He combines his different interests with his passion for success and wants to achieve more and more in his life.

Nigeria – In pursuit of success, Shewenzi is set out to achieve more than an average person can. He believes in hard work and not sticking to a single talent. According to him, people should be involved in multiple fields at a time to meet the needs of the changing world while making more money at the same time. When asked how he combines different jobs without a clash, he said that it was because of his creativity “Being creative, for me, is quite easy because it’s something I don’t force myself to do.” He is the one and only, Shewenzi: a Digital marketer, a dancer with a passion for success.

Born in Nigeria, Shewenzi is a person with a never-ending passion for success and a drive towards achieving more in his life. Growing up in Nigeria, he recalls that children were raised to be multi-talented and to prosper in whatever field they choose to pursue. This upbringing led him to become the successful person that he is today.

From a tender age, he wanted to become an entrepreneur and do something different for the world and his community. He is a digital marketer as well as the owner of a car shop that he founded in Lagos, Nigeria. He says “Shuffling between social media campaigns, making dance videos for songs, and then getting bookings from clients for our car wash service has not been easy.” His digital marketing journey began when he started using social media and got to know that he could make money with his tweets by promoting brands.

He is an entrepreneur because he founded a special car wash service. He class his car wash service, a “VIP” service, not because it serves VIPs of Nigeria but because the car wash service gets to the clients’ locations to wash their cars, thus providing a VIP service, irrespective of their financial status.

His passion for dancing was born as a kid when he would participate in dances. Years later, he took professional dancing classes and started uploading his dance videos on social media, where he started getting large amounts of appraisal from his viewers. He made his first income through dancing on N50,000 and since then, he’s getting paid for his dance videos. 

Shewenzi does not like to stay idle, he likes to keep his mind and body constantly involved in various jobs. He does not like to be spoon-fed, rather, he goes out and makes money by meeting the demands of the contemporary world. Shewenzi believes in putting in total energy in whatever project he takes upon himself, that’s what keeps him moving on in his life.

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