CETUS Online Offers Innovative Devices for Protection From Coronavirus

CETUS introduces innovative health and wellness products that can help people stay secure in the ongoing pandemic.

CETUS, the brand synonymous with top-rated medical products that patients and physicians trust alike, has announced the availability of their unique devices that can provide users protection from the coronavirus. CETUS products enjoy immense popularity because of the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance.

“The pandemic has turned the world upside down, leading to a growing demand for some kind of assured protection from the virus,” says the spokesperson for CETUS Online. “We are offering our best brands that can help the common people get high-quality care and protection from Coronavirus. The uv light can also help disinfect.”

CETUS Commercial Touchless Forehead Thermometer is one of the top sellers right now. The thermometer is ideal for measuring the temperature accurately and without touching the patient. It comes with an automatic alarm and flashing light and has an operating range of 50 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It also measures temperature in Celsius and in all languages. 

The Touchless forehead temperature is ideal for use in offices and commercial establishments and can help employers comply with the regulatory guidelines issued by the authorities. It hangs easily on any surface. Details of the devices are available on:


CETUS Online has another important product lined up for their customers. The Ultraviolet Technology for Sterilization makes use of the time-tested Ultraviolet Technology for Sterilization. It can kill over 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungus quickly. It is a powerful weapon to fight the spread of COVID-19 and can be used as a supplemental infection control strategy. 

The device is user friendly. The UV light from this device can help disinfect in isolated spaces and can be used in hospitals, workplaces, and school classrooms for a virus-free environment. More information about the device is available here: 


Fogger Disinfectant Machine MODEL R is another brand that is adding immense value in the fight against coronavirus. It is a multi-functional equipment designed to control pests and odor. The model has high utility in industries such as food and beverage, agriculture, dairy, poultry farming, and others where sanitizing and disinfecting is a crucial part of the business process. It is used as a spraying machine to prevent the spread of infection in home, hospitals, public living areas, public transportation, schools, and nursery. 

The Fogger Disinfectant Machine MODEL R can be extremely handy in the management and control of bacterial and viruses such as Ebola, Zika, and even COVID-19 which has spread havoc globally. Visit https://cetusonline.com/product/fogger-disinfectant-machine/ for detailed information about this powerful disinfectant machine. 

All CETUS technology devices can be ordered conveniently from www.cetusonline.com


CETUS Online is a reputed brand known for its premium quality and wide range of healthcare devices offered at competitive prices. The company’s wide range of healthcare and general care products are designed to help users track their vital parameters and overall health metrics accurately. CETUS Online assures fast delivery. All purchases come with the best price guarantee.

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