Meet Boundery™: The Brand That is Empowering Everyday Heroes

Los Angeles, California – March 12, 2021 – Boundery™ is  a California based company of inventors and innovators devoted to empowering their customers  with top-tier illumination products that enhance home-safety and security at an affordable price. Boundery™ believes homeowners who proactively seek to improve the security of their family and property are everyday heroes who deserve a quality product they can rely on, regardless of the emergency or safety concern at hand. The innovators at Boundery™ are  also perfectionists – every product they put out is designed and produced with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Innovations and Products for People

Boundery™ operates on the cutting edge of the home-safety market with their affordable and effective illumination tools. Their expertly designed and safety-oriented products range  from outdoor and worksite lights to lamps and light fixtures for the home.

The company’s products are also efficient, highly reliable, and eco-friendly. The EBULB™ Emergency Power LED Light Bulb  provides the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent light bulb while using only a fraction of the energy at 9 watts. Not only does this product aid the environment and save users money on electricity bills, it provides everyday heroes protecting their home and families with substantive home-safety benefits. EBULB™ Emergency Power LED Light Bulb’s built-in lithium-ion battery will automatically turn on the lights if a power outage occurs and will maintain a charge for up to  six hours without electricity. Instead of fumbling in the dark for flashlights and batteries, potentially tripping over furniture, or struggling to find important supplies, homeowners and their families can immediately focus on what is most important – one another. 

The Boundery™ LumiGuard™ Motion-Sensing Solar LED Floodlight is another one-of-a-kind product that illuminates an outdoor area without drawing power from a city’s power grid. This light fixture relies on a built-in solar panel for power and is sensitive enough to detect motion in complete darkness. Powerful outdoor floodlights are excellents deterrents for burglars, mischief-makers, or any sort of prowler who may threaten the security and peace of mind of an everyday hero and their family – even the four-legged kind! What sets the LumiGuard™ floodlight apart from other outdoor floodlights is its ease of installation and ability to function independently from electrical power grids.  

Why Choose Boundery™?

Boundery™ believes everyday heroes in the market for home-safety products deserve the best in quality and design, yet with affordability and ease of installation. While other companies may be more concerned with churning out products as quickly as possible, Boundery™ tests every product they offer. They build all of their bulbs and lights to last to provide safety and security for individuals and families alike.

Boundery™ also strives to make browsing their selection of  lights and other home-safety products  easy and intuitive. Their one-stop-shop  provides interested individuals  with a seamless e-commerce experience.

Boundery™ is keenly attuned to the safety concerns of everyday heroes protecting their homes and loved ones. Their varied selection of innovative home-safety products enables these heroes to substantively upgrade their home security apparatus both indoors and outside.

Boundery™ is a team of inventors, innovators, and storytellers focused on protecting property and loved ones – at down to earth prices.

Boundery’s mission is to shine a spotlight on the world’s smartest (affordable!) safety gadgets guaranteed to defend against danger, help prepare for adventure, and give homes the legendary look they deserve.

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