Students Learn the Difference Between a PhD and Masters Degree

Students Learn the Difference Between a PhD and Masters Degree

When it comes to degree options, there are a lot to choose from. Many of these will fall into one of two camps – master’s degree or doctorate degree. The higher the degree, the longer it will take to earn it, and the more specialized the focus will be. Keep reading to learn more about doctorate degrees and master’s degrees and the options offered by quality schools like the University of California Merced to make an informed decision about which one to pursue.

The Master’s Degree

A master’s degree earned from a quality school like is considered more versatile than a doctoral degree. There is a huge selection of fields to go into, with the most common being the Master of Science or the Master of Arts.

The research master’s degree is one that is pursued for applied research and academic disciplines. There is also a Professional Master’s degree, which prepares candidates for a professional career. This is done by introducing more practical skills and frameworks to understand the most common issues that occur in their field. Most degree options offered by places such as will fall into this category.

The last option is the Terminal Master’s degree. This is the highest degree option in the field. Even though some master’s degrees will serve as a starting point from doctorates, others are as high as a person can go when it comes to academic accreditation in these areas of study.

To pursue a master’s degree, a person needs to have earned a bachelor’s degree. The master’s program will require one to three years of study and include seminars and advanced level courses.

Doctoral Degrees

The most common type of doctorate degree is the PhD or the Doctor Philosophy. The research doctorate will prepare students to contribute to this field’s overall knowledge base and provides a unique chance for those who enroll in these programs to conduct prolonged and intensive research on a topic. This may result in publication. Some PhD candidates will seek careers as researchers or professionals; however, they could also seek a role in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.

Also, there are other professional doctorates. This includes the JD – Juris Doctor – or MD – Medical Doctor. Before enrolling in a doctorate program, a candidate must have earned their bachelor’s degree, and in some situations, the master’s depending on the program they are entering into. Based on the specialization area, a PhD program is usually a smaller program than a master’s.

Choosing the Right Program

When it comes to choosing the right degree program for a person’s ongoing education, it is imperative to keep more than a few things in mind at all times. Both master’s and doctorate programs require ongoing education and ongoing fees because of this. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to know which program to pursue and which one best suits your career aspirations. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the desired educational benefits are achieved.

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