Car Insurance Malaysia by PolicyStreet for Easy Quotes Comparison Online and Savings

PolicyStreet is one of the only 32 approved financial advisers in Malaysia. Its range of services includes instant quote comparison by car insurance providers, insurance, and road tax renewal.

According to announcements released by PolicyStreet, its Car Insurance Malaysia service for car owners in the country can help get up to 10 instant real-time quotes in 60 seconds and save up to 18% on the premiums. 

It offers customers the convenience of choice. Car owners can compare quotes from the top insurance providers in the country and select the best that serves their purpose, all in one platform. Since car insurance is compulsory for vehicle owners in Malaysia, having options most amenable to individual requirements is desirable.

The P&O PrOmilej is a good choice for those who drive less, work from home, or have an extra vehicle they don’t use very often. Plans are based on estimated annual mileages. Top-ups are available if and when the mileage is exceeded. With this option, car owners can save up to 40% on insurance costs. 

PolicyStreet is a good resource for obtaining the best comprehensive car insurance online for one’s needs. Typically, this insurance covers damage to one’s vehicle and damage to other vehicles and property. One’s age, driving records, vehicle model, and location determine comprehensive car insurance costs. 

PolicyStreet helps individuals compare comprehensive online car insurance quotes and informs them of any discounts that they may be eligible for. Third-party car insurance is the most basic type; it provides cover to third parties who can recover the cost of injuries and damage to their property because of the policy holder’s vehicle.

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PolicyStreet said, “While most Malaysians still renew their insurance the traditional way, more people are slowly transitioning to online renewal because of the many benefits received from doing so. Looking for the best car insurance in terms of cost, policy and benefits can be a complex and time-consuming effort due to the different offers available from numerous insurance companies in Malaysia. 

Fortunately, we at PolicyStreet provide the best way to get a quote. Fill in your details and find all the information online.”

On choosing the right car insurance, PolicyStreet said, “Getting the right car insurance is the best way to ensure low premiums for your car, and understanding what influences premiums is essential in doing so. Premiums charged depend on the car model that is being insured, with some models being more expensive than others. Therefore, check and compare with different insurers to find the best deal for you. Car insurance only provides coverage in Malaysia. If you would like to use your car overseas, additional premiums will be charged as basic car insurance does not extend their coverage overseas.

Under the Malaysia Road Transport Act 1987, it is mandatory for every vehicle on the road to have road tax and motor insurance. If you are caught without having a valid road tax and motor insurance, you would need to fork out money to pay the hefty fines.” Since PolicyStreet also offers road tax renewal,  you can renew it with your preferred car insurance without having to visit multiple websites.

About the Company:

PolicyStreet is a licensed Financial Adviser and Islamic Financial Adviser in Malaysia. The Central Bank approves its services in Malaysia. It offers insurance quotes for life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, and motorcycle insurance. It works with more than 38 of the top insurers in Malaysia and offers more than 1000 different products. 

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