Guangzhou Sanjie | Vigorously expanding overseas performance market

In order to establish a cultural export platform and expand the overseas performance market, Guangzhou Sanjie Overseas Service Co., Ltd. has recently implemented a cultural “going global” strategy to actively take advantage of the international market. The company has hired international cultural management personnel to establish a performance operation team, undertaking commercial performing arts business from (Oman, UAE, Singapore, Russia, Middle East, South America) and other countries and regions.

At present, offices have been established in UAE, Dubai, and Oman: Oman Special Economic Zone DUQMU: Perennial recruitment of public relations, entertainers, no requirement of academic qualifications, the height of 155cm or more, certain experience in the industry, the income of 400 dirhams per session per month. The maximum income can be more than 60,000 dirhams, and the minimum salary is 20,000 RMB. The board and lodging are included, and short-term travel/money-making and other services are provided.

(Registration Email: Registration Hotline: 0086+15656666933) Travel to make money and make money in the short term.

Guangzhou Sanjie Overseas Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It has rich advantages in overseas employment dispatch. Its cooperative companies are located at home and abroad, and it has established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with well-known companies in Dubai, Oman, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, South America, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Australia, etc. It has abundant human relations resources at home and abroad so it can provide clients at home and abroad with public relations personnel from a complete range of industries and equipped with excellent skills; Guangzhou Sanjie has a team of senior lawyers, a team of professional visa consultants, project services and training team to formulate overseas employment plans tailored for overseas employees.

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