Kala Jordan-Lindsey Celebrates Woman’s History Month With “Words from the Heart”

Kala Jordan-Lindsey Celebrates Woman’s History Month With "Words from the Heart"

“Kala Jordan-Lindsey”
Passionate author and poet, Kala Jordan-Lindsey, set to release “Words from the Heart,” a collection of poetry and prose and inspirational quotes

Kala Jordan-Lindsey has taken her pursuit of motivating people to push boundaries and achieve their full potentials with the release of “Words from the Heart.” The book will be officially released in Mid-March 2021 as she celebrates Woman’s History Month and inspires her readers, especially Black women and men to be their best irrespective of their present condition. 

Though tough, challenging, and sometimes, painful, to never give up is a purposeful, powerful, and amazing lifetime process worth embracing. Just keep going, never quit, stay focused, have hope, faith, confidence, be grateful, smile, love, and never give up,” said Kala Jordan-Lindsey. 

Millions of people across the globe go through situations that sometimes lead them to give up on their dreams. However, passionate poet and motivational author, Kala Jordan-Lindsey, desires to give and inspire others with words of hope, light, and encouragement as she releases her new book titled “Words from the Heart.” Unlike many motivational guides that are often abstract and containing tips that are difficult to implement, Kala’s touching, engaging, and eye-opening book details the experience of the writer through life and how she overcame many unexpected and difficult obstacles and storms in life.

Kala personifies the process, telling her soul-lifting story and taking her readers on a rollercoaster journey of different seasons of storms as a Black youth and woman. The book is suited for adult readers, both men, and women, including Christians, with Kala adopting a no-holds-barred approach to teaching the power of perseverance, endurance, resilience, hope, faith, focus, compassion, love, determination, gratitude, and grace and mercy, through her story. 

Kala’s book includes encouraging and motivational words for the minority communities, musicians, educators, and prisoners while addressing poverty, social injustice, homelessness, as well as the entirety of humanity. “I’m a survivor and you are too!” said Kala Jordan-Lindsey.

“Words from the Heart” will be available in Mid-March, with the young readers’ edition set to be released soon.

For more information about “Words from the Heart” and other works from Kala Jordan-Lindsey as an author, poet, and speaker, please visit – www.visiblevoiceohyes.com. Kala Jordan-Lindsey can also be found across social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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