Actress-Comic Joanne Scorcia Leads Cast in TOMORROW’S TODAY Premiering April 3rd at International Day of Comedy Film Festival

Actress-Comic Joanne Scorcia Leads Cast in TOMORROW’S TODAY Premiering April 3rd at International Day of Comedy Film Festival

“Actress and stand-up comic Joanne Scorcia leads the pack in the heartwarming comedy “Tomorrow’s Today,” a new film by Timothy Hines having its premiere screening Saturday April 3rd at the International Day Of Comedy Drive In Film Festival,, at The Sunset Strip Drive-In, Andaz Hotel, Hollywood. Above: (L) George N. Mikedis and (R) Joanne Scorcia.”
Actress, comedian Joanne Scorcia, known for producing and headlining sold-out stand-up comedy shows from the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California, to the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, now stars with comedic delight in the film Timothy Hines’ “Tomorrow’s Today” which will have it’s Premiere Screening at the International Day of Comedy Drive In Film Festival on Saturday April 3rd at the iconic Andaz Hotel on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Above: Joanne Scorcia killin’ it at The Dojo Comedy Club in Los Angeles.


Above: In front in purple Joanne Scorcia as Arianna with Left to Right: Adam Gabel, Dave Morrissey Jr., George N. Mikedis, Nicky Sunshine, Dominick Martini, Academy Award nominee Burt Young, Domenico Del Giacco, Colin Buckingham, Annunziato Carbone, Greg Kritikos, Teddy Smith, supermodel icon Kelly LeBrock and Heather Cole in Timothy Hines’ “Tomorrow’s Today”, a School of Old production produced by Dominick Martini and Susan Goforth.

Comedy is in Joanne Scorcia’s blood. As a young actress in New York City, Scorcia got her comedic start at the 5-star stand-up venue the Gotham Comedy Club, owned by her cousin Chris Mazzilli.

Above: Daniel Tosh, Joanne Scorcia and Wayne Brady performing at the Gotham Comedy Club. Photos courtesy Gotham Comedy Club

Scorcia became a fixture at the Gotham Comedy Club, that was also frequented by Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Larry David and the late great Robin Williams, and serves as the home of AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live and is featured on Last Comic Standing and TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show. Scorcia went on from Gotham to produce and headline Stand-Up Comedy shows from coast-to-coast.

Last Comic Standing pic courtesy NBC; The Jim Gaffigan Show pic courtesy of TVLand

A natural team-player, Joanne leads of cast of stellar New York comics and actors in Timothy Hines’ “Tomorrow’s Today” including breakout special performances by Kelly Le Brock and Academy Award nominee Burt Young.

Above: Academy Award nominee Burt Young plays the neighborhood sage Luca in “Tomorrow’s Today”.

“Joanne (below) plays the female lead, Arianna, in the film. She is a tough cookie, a nurse raising her son Leo as a single mom in Astoria Queens, a neighborhood that is rich in culture and also facing great change,” declares executive producer Dominick Martini. “Her son Leo’s friendship with neighborhood wannabe do-gooder Charlie Boy leads to Leo’s kidnapping and Arianna not being able to trust all who are around her. (L) George N. Mikedis (R) Joanne Scorcia.

Below: Arianna (Joanne Scorcia) on a date with love interest Mikey (Domenico Del Giacco) in Tomorrow’s Today

Above: Mob Boss Big Angie (Dominick Martini) uses a yo-yo as force to tell bookie Bruno (Dino Castelli) to ‘get him his money!’ in Timothy Hines’ “Tomorrow’s Today”.

Above: Greg Kritikos, Dave Morrissey Jr., Annunziato Carbone and Nicky Sunshine in “Tomorrow’s Today”.

“I made the comedy feature “Tomorrow’s Today” to address current issues; change, diversity, addiction enabling, loyalty, grief, character, interracial relationships, adultery, divorce, marriage, church, avoidance, guilt, survival, good vs. evil and identity,” declares director Timothy Hines.

Above: Detective Frank (Teddy Smith) let’s Charlie Boy know he’s keeping an eye on him in “Tomorrow’s Today”.

Below: Kelly Le Brock (Woman in Red, Weird Science) portrays Donna, Charlie’s ex-wife still who’s moved on from Astoria and built a life for herself after the tragic loss of her son.

Above: When Arianna (Joanne Scorcia) asks neighborhood friend-to-her-son Charlie (Greg Kritikos) to babysit for her, Charlie reveals a dark secret in “Tomorrow’s Today” premiering April 3rd at The Sunset Strip Drive-In as part of the International Day of Comedy Film Festival April 2nd-5th.

“Joanne (above) brings not only emotional depth to the film, she is hilarious to work with. I cannot wait to get my hands on her for our next film. She’s going to be funny and covered in blood,” tantalizes producer Susan Goforth.

In addition to the upcoming Premiere of “Tomorrow’s Today” and Scorcia’s stellar stand-up comedy chops, Scorcia is known in the world of stand-up comedy as the “it” girl to collaborate with.

Photo courtesy of the D-Cups of Comedy

Scorcia co-produces The D-Cups of Comedy with fellow comic Tammy Tavares hosted by Ro DelleGrazie. She arranges, books comics and produces sold-out comedy shows for the World Famous Comedy Store, The DoJo of Comedy, and venues all across America. Their March 9th show at the Famous Comedy Club was the last headlining show prior to the pandemic temporarily closing the indoor venue.

Above pic courtesy The D-Cups of Comedy

Above: Joanne Scorcia with dazzling comedy talent line-up; in back: Ryan Joseph, Laura Seay, Tammy Tavares (co-producer of The D-Cups of Comedy) front: Angelic Valenzuela, Liliana Montenegro (BET’s “Sacrafice”) and, in plaid, Ro DelleGrazie (Host of The D-Cups of Comedy).

Above: Joanne Scorcia and Suzan Brittan in YouTube’s “We Date So Hard”

Currently Scorcia can be seen starring with creative partner Suzan Brittan in the hilarious YouTube Series “We Date So Hard” shining a raw light on the tribulations of dating in today’s climate while offering humorous advice from their own dating experiences from good to awful.

Below: Joanne Scorcia and Suzan Brittan in “We Date So Hard” on YouTube.

Despite the changing world, with its massive challenges and changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Joanne Scorcia is thriving as an actress and comedian, taking her career to a new level. She begins filming a new movie with director Timothy Hines this Spring and will be one of the first comedians back at the Comedy Store the day it re-opens.

Above: Joanne Scorcia at The World Famous Comedy Store’s Christmas Party.

Timothy Hines’ “Tomorrow’s Today” premieres April 3rd at 7:30pm at the Sunset Strip Drive-In located at the famous Andaz Hotel as part of the International Day of Comedy Drive In Film Festival. The festival is hosted by PodBrothers and The Sunset Strip Drive-In and is hosted by Ref Steven Kimbrough. See for more information.

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