WSB Build the world’s first WiFi sharing aggregation protocol

With the rapid rise of global digital economy, the transaction and circulation of digital assets are reshaping the global economy.

The value of digital currency has increased by 1100 times in eight years from US $1.368 billion in May 2013 to US $1.5 trillion in 2021.

But defi’s decentralized finance is only $50 billion in February 2021. What will happen next? Opportunity is waiting for you!

As a global decentralized finance, defi uses blockchain technology to achieve fair and transparent asset transactions, break artificial restrictions and centralized operation, disdain and is keen to challenge authority, which is undoubtedly a new blue ocean in the global capital market!

It is precisely because of WSB’s war against elite funds on Wall Street that there were artificial restrictions and centralized malicious operations on Wall Street, such as restricting members of WSB community to trade stocks, taking stock symbols off the shelves, and unplugging network cables.

A group of geeks in WSB community organizations disdain artificial restrictions and centralized operation, and are keen to challenge authority. They have built the world’s first DeFi sharing aggregation protocol based on blockchain technology,

At the same time, WSB is committed to integrating multiple defi products and applications into one platform, And aggregate wsbgenespool, wsbflowpool, wsbwardpool, wsbgenesnode, wsbdex, wsbfinance, wsbgame to provide more financial liquidity, more artistry and more playability for the defi ecology, and promote the healthy and stable development of the defi industry. The emergence of WSB will be an important milestone of the defi industry.

Taking the total amount of BTC as reference, WSB issued a total of 21 million pieces, which is conducive to the unlimited maximization of WSB value investment income.

The technical director of WSB American community organization will develop a blind box game with NFT based on Huobi eco chain (heco) in the second phase of project planning to increase the financial artistry of WSB. In the future, wsbdex, wsbfinance and wsbgame based on Huobi eco chain (heco) will be developed to improve the ecological platform of WSB.

WSB shared aggregation protocol provides convenient, reliable and intelligent block chain asset circulation services for global users, enabling a new financial ecosystem on the chain, and creating a global top trading service platform. In the future, at a new starting point, under the complicated external environment and potential industry opportunities, all kinds of new models of WSB derivatives will become new growth drivers. Are you ready?

WSB has unlimited possibilities!

WSB launched to the moon!

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