Advanced Door Service Celebrates Automatic Door Day

Advanced Door Service Celebrates Automatic Door Day

On March 19, celebrate Automatic Door Day with Advanced Door Service. Automatic doors are something to be celebrated as they help property owners and companies keep their visitors safe and secure. Automated doors present a wealth of features that decrease liabilities and provide the owners with great benefits. A review of all the great benefits of the automated doors shows the owners why they should install them and celebrate them.

Presenting Easier Entry for Visitors 

Visitors with disabilities will need automatic doors to make it easier for them to get inside the building. The automatic doors will open as they approach the doors, and these individuals will not have to wait to get where they need to go.

The sensor is engaged whenever someone gets close to the doors, the doors open quickly to avoid long waiting times, and visitors won’t have to press a button to get the door to open; it will open on its own.  

Decreasing Exposure to Contaminants 

By decreasing the risk of exposure to contaminants, property owners won’t face liabilities if a visitor becomes ill while on the property. With the recent global pandemic, more businesses have reorganized their property and increased cleaning practices. With automated doors, the business prevents visitors from making contact with door handles. This decreases the spread of germs since visitors do not need to touch handles, and they decrease their risk of getting exposed to the COVID-19 virus. This is particularly relevant in the healthcare industry. 

Convenient Options for the Visitors and Business

Added convenience makes the visitors happier, and they won’t have to worry about walking out of a store while juggling bags to open a door. The automated doors open as soon as the customer approaches, and they can get in and out of the building without any inconveniences. Shoppers know what it is like to try to open doors when their hands are full, and it is quite frustrating. 

Improving Security for the Property

Security is a vital part of protecting the property, people inside it, and any valuables inside it. Automated doors have locking mechanisms that are tamper-free and decrease the risk of break-ins.  

Save on Energy Expenses

Facility managers are cost conscious and always looking for ways to save on heating and air conditioning expenses. Automatic doors are effective airlocks and create a barrier between the temperature inside a building and the outside. A 2006 MIT study showed that revolving doors can save up to 74% in energy cost compared to manual doors.

Property owners must consider how they and others will enter their property. If they are operating a business, it is necessary for the business owner to provide safe and secure doors that do not inconvenience their visitors. The doors should improve safety and open and close without any glitches. With automated doors, property owners get exceptional doors that decrease liabilities and provide them with a wealth of great features.

Where to Get Door Services

Advanced Door Service provides quality serviceon all brands of automated doors for property owners. They have a team of AAADM certified technicians to repair your automatic doors quickly and professionally. You can take advantage of their special offer and celebrate Automatic Door Day today.

Commercial property owners can learn more about automated doors and the services available by visiting now. 

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