New Insights Reveal the Mistakes Presenters Unknowingly Make When Running Webinars

New Insights Reveal the Mistakes Presenters Unknowingly Make When Running Webinars
This quarter, webinar monetization expert, Steven Phillip Werner, highlights some of the top mistakes webinar presenters make that unknowingly sabotage their results.

In today’s technologically-driven global market, there are few mediums as impactful as a webinar. Short of visiting a target audience in person, webinars offer the next best way to engage with prospective clients, build relationships based on delivering value, establish trust and authority, and make more sales.

With the rise of remote work, the reliance on webinars and virtual meetings has skyrocketed. From day to day conferences, to sales-driven presentations, some webinar and live meeting platforms such as Zoom having seen increases of up to 300,000 attendees per day.

Yet, despite the opportunity that webinars offer for digital entrepreneurs, public speakers and other organizations, a few simple mistakes is all it takes to derail what would have otherwise been a profitable or productive event.

This quarter, webinar monetization expert, Steven Phillip Werner, highlights some of the top mistakes webinar presenters make that unknowingly sabotage their results.

Powerful Engaging Presentations that Virtually Print Money

According to Werner, head of Monetize Your Tribe, “Nothing has the power to change your business more than effective, engaging webinars.” But when executed poorly, an otherwise successful webinar can quickly transform into a major waste of resources.

Webinars Face Growing Challenges in 2021 and Beyond

With the flood of companies moving towards ‘work from home’ models, and the massive influx of telecommuting opportunities ranging from 9-5 jobs to entrepreneurship and startups, the webinar market has become saturated.

This over-saturation of online events, digital conferences and webinars means that savvy entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and public speakers need to work harder to stand out from all of the ‘noise’.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the majority of webinars out there are absolute ‘snooze fests’. For those savvy enough to take advantage, and for those who can avoid many of the common mistakes, this opportunity presents the perfect storm to capitalize on a medium that has become a cornerstone in online education, presentation, marketing and sales.

Launching and Hosting a Successful Webinar Begins with Avoiding these Top Mistakes

1. Ineffective Webinar Framework

The best webinar frameworks are built around a story. Stories are relatable, entertaining, and have a pace and flow that feels natural (even if subconsciously). Stories also enhance memory of covered topics and engage attendees, helping them become personally attached and involved.

Types of Stories To Include

  • Client Success Stories
  • Hero’s Journey Story (i.e. about the presenter’s journey to success)
  • Product Story (integrated into teaching points within the webinar)

2. Not Enough Substance

A webinar is a medium through which the presenter builds a relationship with their attendees. Similar to real life, asking for a serious relationship (i.e. a sale) without first getting to know each other would yield (at best) poor results, and at worst, perhaps a restraining order.

According to Werner, one common mistake he sees among presenters is that they are too focused on sales, without first establishing a solid relationship with attendees. They fail to establish authority, make a real connection, get them emotionally involved, and to earn the trust needed to get them to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase.

The most effective presenters use open loops early on, building excitement and curiosity about what is to come.

3. Information Overload

On the opposite side of the spectrum, is a webinar that is too long, or that provides too much information or value. Often a result of good intentions, information overload is a common mistake seen among presenters in their effort to deliver superior value.

Value is good, but as with anything in life, it is best in moderation. Too much information too fast can create confusion and brain fatigue, while decreasing interaction and engagement. Werner contends that the best webinars hit on one or two major “AH HA” moments, supported by a few supplementary ideas.

About Steve Phillip Werner

Monetization and webinar expert Steve Phillip Werner has built multiple six-figure ads agencies from the ground up, primarily through the effective use of live events and webinars. Trained by some of the industry’s leading titans, such as Russel Brunson, Frank Kern, and Dan Kennedy, Werner brings a unique blend of experience and battle-tested strategies to the table.

Now focusing on business coaching, Werner has dedicated his career to helping other entrepreneurs, influencers and coaches grow their business in a way that has a maximum impact on both their bottom line and on the lives of their own clients. Specializing in helping his clients leverage events, presentation and public speaking to attract and earn affluent customers, Werner has helped his students earn more than 2.8 million in sales over the last 12-months.

Those interested in working with Werner are encouraged to reach out via his official website for a free discovery session.

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