This Business Incubator Exposes How Obsolete MBAs In Entrepreneurship Are

Can coaching brands really launch and scale to 6-7 figures in a year?

Iva Paleckova, a founder of the QLE business incubator, did what so many entrepreneurs do: she caught the transformation bug.

After doing a psycho-spiritual retreat, and experiencing a life-changing transformation, she embarked on a mission to help everyone in the world become happier.

The problem: those who have the skills almost always lack the business and marketing skills to reach those who need to be healed.

With her background in chain restaurant ownership and in Fortune 1000, she established a business consultancy for women coaches with a passion for consciousness, healing and helping others. But after 10 months of trial and error, not finding the clients she knew were out there, she realized launching a coaching business in this crowded virtual space is next to impossible.

“I made fancy websites, went to every networking meeting, produced content and videos like crazy, went on all the social media platforms, booked 70 speaking engagements, dropped money on ads… but I was still just getting a client here and there. It was frustrating.”

In July, 2019 she discovered she was pregnant and single mom to be. In this new reality, she either needed to figure her business out and make enough money to support her new family, or get a job.

“I remember the moment I was in a job interview and I was about to get an offer. I felt like the biggest failure. But it felt selfish to continue trying to do my business.”

Ever been hit like a ton of bricks in a decision-making instant? Iva said no, to the cushy corporate job. Instead, she applied for three credit cards, hired a team of coaches to help her strategize, and a new revolutionary launch strategy was born: The S.E.R.V.E. Method.

The next month, her business brought in $7,000 in revenue. Just two months later, the business brought in another group of clients, and made $21k and then $42k.

And 18 months later this new coaching brand broke a $250,000 month.

“It’s very simple,” she says. “Instead of doing what everyone else is doing in the online space, which is launching lead magnets and courses, we turned the whole thing on its head. It’s all about serving people first and giving massive experience for free, before you ever expect them to become a client.”

“Our attendees want to continue the work after the week. We have a waitlist of people trying to get into our incubator programs.”

“Working with Iva and her team has been incredible. I onboarded many clients but the best part is truly feeling like I am doing what I was put here to do with those 7 day retreats.” – Lara Grove Waldman, mindset coach

Curious what process looks like?

“We do these free 7-day retreats called The S.E.R.V.E. Method, anyone is welcome to learn our step by step business scaling system there.”

Learn about The S.E.R.V.E Method here:

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