CRAWL: Africa’s First Mobile Social Calendar App Launch

The social events app offers details on the most happening events and venues in Sub-Saharan Africa; starting in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria – March 12 2021 – Robert Taylor Media launches the Crawl app in Lagos, Nigeria, which is the first-ever mobile social calendar built exclusively for the African continent. The social event app features a list of curated social events, restaurants, lounges, clubs, cafes and many more happening locations and unique experiences in the city.

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, the global economy has been forced to fix its antiquated systems and general order of conducting business. CRAWL – Africa’s first innovative mobile social calendar app was introduced to the market as a result of this adaptation.

CRAWL is Africa’s social calendar platform, a haven of tastefully curated luxurious social experiences. CRAWL is a fun, user-friendly utility app, catering to the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent, Africa.

As the name suggests, the app lets users crawl through hundreds of spots and activities to the satisfaction of their leisure needs. The app’s suggestions are all based on the users’ selected preferences.  Instead of searching for a fine cocktail bar or restaurant, or planning a night out in any city through friends, which could be a time-consuming and stressful activity where the outcome could be unpredictable, users can have all the required information at their fingertips with CRAWL.

In a few clicks, CRAWL social event app provides its users, better known as CRAWLers, a catalogue of lavish experiences, finedining opportunities, and serene places to relax with loved ones.CRAWL personalizes the user experience by allowing CRAWLers to search for restaurants, lounges, clubs or bars in their vicinity. In Version 1, CRAWLers can view a customized list of suggestions by inputting parameters, such as their preferences, budget, location, and more. CRAWL also allows users to receive updates and notifications on important dates, upcoming activities, and exclusive events & openings.

With the soft launch of CRAWL in Lagos, Nigeria, the mobile social calendar app is set to dominate other major cities in Africa, providing access to curated social activities, top-rated events in every corner of the continent. This ensures exclusive and personal experiences for every individual. In the upcoming months, the social event app will be introduced to other Sub-Saharan metropolitans in countries, such as Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and more.

Africa’s premier mobile social calendar offers its CRAWLers an unparalleled glimpse of the vibrant lifestyle of the continent. Moreover, the app enables CRAWLers to save their favourite locations or experiences for future references with a single tap. The convenient bottom navigation bar of the app makes navigation between features swift and easy to use. The in-app notification section provides real-time updates on exclusive CRAWL app promotions and offers to its distinguished patrons.

CRAWLers can choose to sign up using their Facebook or Google account or opt to sign-up by entering a valid email address and password. This coupled with the use of OAuth, an authentication software, makes the sign-up process seamless.

In addition to offering tourists and locals an elevated social experience, CRAWL social event app offers a unique business proposition to restaurants, cafés, bars, night clubs, event organizers, and service providers to introduce their products, services and events/activations to an engaged & active community.

CRAWL mobile social calendar is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


CRAWL App is founded by trusted social curator, Bukky George-Taylor and her partners Segun Aina and Ezegozie Eze, Jr. The talented team of professionals aspire to introduce the luxuries, sights, and sounds of the African region to the world, through their mobile app.

Founders of the pioneering social event app shared their view on the app as:

“Finding information on where to go with accurate telephone numbers or descriptions has been a long-time issue in Africa,” said Bukky George-Taylor, founder.” What CRAWL Africa does is to curate each city and provide accurate information for locals and tourists alike. With our app, we make this massive continent smaller with well-curated experiences, and features in different places cutting across various sectors, from Dining to Art to Wellness, and more. We have literally put Africa in the palm of your hands starting with Lagos city.”

“For those of us who frequently travel across the continent, we rely heavily on past experiences (good and bad) or recommendations from fellow professionals and friends, to select locations for meetings, a quick meal, breather, or an often-needed sundowner,” said Eze Ezegozie, Co-Founder.” With CRAWL, selecting a destination becomes a lot easier. Every location and event are vetted by an amazing team of city curators, ensuring you don’t waste precious time, money, and energy, providing them with more time to attend to other matters. While building CRAWL, we discovered new adventures in our own backyard, rediscovered olds gems, fought over what location has the best suya, and reimagined how we spend our downtime. CRAWL is your key to rediscovering your city.”

To learn more details about the CRAWL app, visit the official website at

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