Angela Arena opens up about how she accidentally fell into the influencer world and how COVID has changed her business.

Angela Arena opens up about how she accidentally fell into the influencer world and how COVID has changed her business.

Angela Arena doing her thing in front of a mural located in Orlando, Florida.
Angela Arena has been growing her social media brand since 2016. We sat down with her to get all the details on how she got started and how she continued her momentum, even though COVID.

How did you get started as an Instagrammer?

It was absolutely an accident. Through a strange series of events in my life, I ended up with way too much freedom at nineteen years old. I hated where I was living and I wanted to move… I just had no idea where to. So, I did what any nineteen year old would do… I just started aimlessly traveling the country alone until I found somewhere that felt like home. Those were some of the best days of my life. I was documenting my adventures via instagram and grew a following.

How did you keep that following? 

I noticed that my audience best responded to street art in the various places I was visiting… so I ran with it. I try to connect with my audience via stories and messages every single day. If you let your audience into your life and let them get to know you, a connection will form.

Are you still traveling these days?

Yes and no. By no means am I traveling as much as I used to. I was basically traveling full time for months on end before Corona hit. These days, I take a few trips here and there. I’ve been to Portland, Arkansas, and Nashville a few times since last March. I look forward to the day that I can spontaneously jump on a plane again but right now, we must prioritize the health of ourselves and those around us.

How are you continuing your brand without travel? 

I’ve taken a lot of liiiiittle trips. I moved to Orlando in June of 2020… I’d go spend a weekend in West Palm or somewhere else in Florida. Then, I started splitting my time between Orlando and Jacksonville. I’ve been able to find an overabundance of street art in Florida and continue to have little adventures to document and share. My business has become much more content creation than it ever was before. Instead of hotels I’ve been working with all sorts of different brands. It’s been an adjustment but honestly, I love it. I also have started consulting others to help them grow and monetize their own social media. If you’re going to work in social media, you have to be ready for a change at any moment. Platforms are changing fast, and the world is changing even faster. Are you ready?

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