Fenan Shares The Performance Of Aluminium

LightWeight:Aluminium is only one third of steel

High Corrosion Resistance: In the natural environment, the thin oxide film formed on the surface of aluminum can block the oxygen in the air and prevent further oxidation, which has excellent corrosion resistance. If the surface of aluminum is treated with various surface treatments, its corrosion resistance is better, and it can be used outdoors or in harsh environment.

Workability 、Excellent Formability:Soft aluminum alloy can be produced by complete annealing (or partial annealing). It is suitable for various forming processing requirements. Typical applications in this field include aluminum wheel rim, ceiling lamp shade, capacitor shell, aluminum pan, etc.

Good Strength:The use of alloy addition and rolling extension, heat treatment process can produce strength 2 kg/ mm 2 ~60kg/ mm different strength grade products, to be suitable for a variety of different strength requirements of the product.

Variety of Attractive Appearance :Aluminum has excellent surface properties including anodizing, surface forming, coating and electroplating, etc. In particular, anodizing can produce skin films of different colors and hardness for various applications.

Good Electrical Conductivity:The electrical conductivity of aluminum is 60% of that of copper, but it is only one third of the weight of copper. For the same weight, aluminum is twice as conductive as copper. Therefore, the cost of aluminum is much cheaper than that of copper when measured by the same electrical conductivity.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity:Because of its excellent thermal conductivity, aluminum is widely used in household hardware, air conditioner radiators and heat exchangers.

Variety of Forms:Aluminum has excellent processability, which can be processed into bars, wires and extruded profiles. Extruded profiles account for a large proportion of aluminum consumption

Machinability:Compared with steel, it can save up to 70%. Generally, aluminum alloys with higher strength have better cutting ability.

Weldability:Pure aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent fusion properties and are important in the application of structures and ships.

Low Temperature Properties:Aluminum is not toxic and is used in a wide range of food applications, such as food packaging bags, instant food containers and home hardware. In particular, aluminum and platinum are mainly used in food packaging.

Salvage:Although the price of aluminum is higher than that of carbon steel, it is easy to be recycled and remelted, making it a resource that can be fully and effectively used on the earth.

Non-Magnetic:A metal that has no magnetic reaction.Hardly affected by the magnetic field of the electromagnetic gas, the metal itself has no magnetic gas.Applicable to all kinds of electrical machinery which must be non-magnetic.

Reflectivity:The brightness of aluminum surface can effectively reflect heat and radio waves, so it is used in reflector panels, lighting appliances, parallel antennas, etc.The higher the purity, the better the reflectivity

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