Brazilian company exports millions of fragrance samples to major brands in the United states and Europe.

Brazilian company exports millions of fragrance samples to major brands in the United states and Europe.

Adhespack, an interactive sampling company for the beauty market, which started exporting samples during the pandemic has surpassed the benchmark of supplying a million samples.

The samples go with Ticket Scent, a product inspired by the ticket dispensers for queues, however, with adapted and patented technology for sampling perfumes. Each ticket contains the fragrance and additional information about the product, such as photos and texts. The units will be distributed in airports and stores in Europe, Latin America and US. In terms of distance, Ticket Scent promotes customer interaction with the product without contact with the seller. The samples are single-use and safe.

The brands with acquired Ticket Scent for distribution in Europe, the United States and Latin America are Carolina Herrera, Benetton, Antonio Banderas, Paco Rabanne and Jean Paul Gaultier.

“Adhespack remains steadfast in the global expansion process. To work more closely with international clients, we opened our own office in Madrid, soon in California. In addition to taking care of companies in the European territory, the representation will also be dedicated to the markets of the Middle East and Asia. Ticket Scent was conceived just before the pandemic, and appears as an excellent alternative at a time when consumers avoid sharing testers (bottles that are on the shelves for olfactory evidence) and stores are looking for safer, hygienic and individual options”, says Volney Camargo, CEO of Adhespack and creator of Ticket Scent.

“Now, customers want a safe and single use experience” points out Sérgio Picciarelli, director of marketing and innovation at Adhespack. It is also possible to apply a QR code on the back of the sample so that the consumer can buy later on e-commerce or access additional contente“.

About the company:

With more than 20 years on the market, Adhespack Creative Sampling, specialized in sampling technologies, creates innovative and impactful olfactory experiences for the beauty sector.

The know-how acquired for years participating in successful campaigns together with the largest perfumery and cosmetics brands in the world, allows Adhespack to offer interactive solutions for several product lines. These are patented technologies that bring the surprise effect to the consumer and cause a greater impact on promotional and advertising actions, consequently increasing sales and customer engagement with the brand.

The company’s fragrant samples can be produced in different formats and applied manually or automatically to brochures, cards, catalogs, inserts, books, packaging, magazines and printed matter in general. Adhespack is committed to the continuous development of high quality and low cost sampling technologies that meet the needs of the market.

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