Heidi Schalk Helps Entrepreneurs Develop Their Ideal Mindset

Heidi Schalk Helps Entrepreneurs Develop Their Ideal Mindset

“Heidi Schalk, Mindset and Business Strategy Coach”
Build Self-Confidence and a Winning Strategy Through a Positive Mindset!

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely road. Striking an ideal work-life balance becomes one of the hardest parts of running a business, and all too often, entrepreneurs have to build a life that works for their business instead of building a business that works for their lives. Many of them struggle to find a solid support network to keep them going, let alone a reliable way to keep themselves accountable. That’s when they turn to Heidi Schalk, mindset and business strategy coach.

When Heidi started her own business, she was a recently-divorced single mother to two children, trying to juggle work and home life at the same time, all while trying to support herself and her family. There was a challenge around every corner, and despite hiring one coach after another and trying every strategy in the book, there was no one solution that seemed to be enough—so she made her own!

As an expert on business strategies, Heidi works with her clients to help grow and scale their businesses to six-figure investments. In addition to teaching her clients the art of advanced Facebook marketing, she also uses proven offer and launch strategies that can be used across social media overall.

Her coaching method is two-fold: in addition to giving entrepreneurs viable, solid business strategies to bolster their success, she also focuses on the all-too-often overlooked mental aspect of running a business. This is not just to get her clients in the right mindset, but to help keep them accountable as well.

When it comes to having the right mindset, she puts it best herself: “Strategy will get you so far… but managing and mastering your mindset is one of the key ingredients to building any successful business, and even more so when you are building and growing online.”

Heidi is also excited to be offering her FREE five-day boot camp, “From Cold to Closed in Five Days,” starting on April 5th and ending on April 9th of this year. During this boot camp, she will be teaching participants how to properly grow and scale their businesses online, “recession-proof” their businesses to protect themselves from market instability, build up authority in their fields, create their irresistible offer to attract dream clients, build a business that works for their lifestyles, and much, much more!

For more information about Heidi and the services she provides, visit her website here. Those interested in her FREE boot camp can register here. She can also be contacted for a free initial consultation here.

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