Marc Technologies – The Finnish technology company bringing fierce competition to the mobile phone market.

Marc Technologies - The Finnish technology company bringing fierce competition to the mobile phone market.

Marc’s Mach I is one of the most secure mobile phone in the consumer sector. (C.T.O Gohar Nazir)

Marc Devices is a company from Finland that specializes in producing innovative technology. Recently, they have announced an exciting new project which will undoubtedly worry the likes of Apple and Samsung. The brand-new phone, named ‘Mach I’, is invented by a group of professional people. The Mach I offers a completely unique user experience that has not been seen before in the market. CEO clearly prioritizes user satisfaction by implementing pioneering features, such as Privacy features which give the user control over the microphone and camera.

This feature gives users immense security and trust over their privacy, something giants Apple and Samsung cannot guarantee. In addition to this, the Mach I sports a quad camera that could take a photo from the phone seem professional. The implementation of gorilla glass on the front and back of the phone will leave users stress-free about damaging the screen. These features amongst many others will allow Marc Devices to compete from Finland in the way Nokia once did, but in a new generation. Marc Devices will release three clean, stylish colours which you can view now at

After speaking directly with the C.E.O of Marc Devices, the entrepreneur from Helsinki stated, “We are excited and confident that the Mach I will be available for purchase in the summer of 2021”. Mr. Pfaler ensures the Mach I will consist of the most updated processors that phone buyers will be unable to resist. With Marc Devices already very experienced in the technology industry, paired with the innovative features inspired by their creative team, the company have a massive opportunity of gaining a healthy quantity of market share in the industry.

There are huge expectations for the future of Marc Devices and the release of Mach I in the summer will only allow Sammy and his team the opportunity to propel to greatness. 

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