Rockin Rose Signed To Major Label Believe Music

Canada – March 15, 2021 – Rockin Rose (Rose Johnson) signed to Believe Music (which is known as Believe Distribution Services and Believe Digital).

Rockin Rose is a Canadian talented musical artist, singer, arranger, songwriter, producer, musician. The music genre is Nu-metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock.

Believe Music is World Leading Major Record Label; the Parent company of the Biggest Metal Label NuclearBlast; Rockin Rose signed in the same record label with Nightwish, Epica, Slayer.

Rockin Rose has her First album “Bury In Grave” Officially released by Believe Music in 2019. This album ”Bury In Grave” mixed Nu-metal, Symphonic Metal, Alternative Metal, Rock Genre appeared in 13 songs. Such as the song “Icing Blood” is a Nu-metal one, ”Bury In Grave” Symphonic Metal, ”Thorny Path” Alternative Metal, kinda Experimental music.

“Thorny Path” with 2 different verse and refrain, first part bright, second part dark, from gentle to heavy, melodic clean vocal through the song an aggressive scream at the 2nd refrain and bridge the end of the song. either the arrangement and melody which is full of fresh professional musical ideas.

Even the instrumental” Hell illusion instrumental” is also very exquisite, the beautiful violin with furious guitar and heavy drums make the song rival, calm, and fanaticism, like a conversation of the devil and a fallen angel.

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