April Griffith Helps 200 Women Lose 10 Pounds #2021Poundsin2021

April Griffith Helps 200 Women Lose 10 Pounds #2021Poundsin2021

April Griffith, a mindset strategist, and fitness coach is inviting women to join a movement in 2021. Fresh off launching her business, Kingdom Power Living, and her new book Soaring in Your Faith and Fitness, Griffith is challenging Christian women to lose 2021 collective pounds in 2021. But Griffith says her movement is bigger than weight loss. Griffith often says, “You don’t want to just lose weight, you want to transform.” She is inspiring women to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives and drop the guilt and shame that are often hidden behind weight gain.

Last year, Griffith’s corporate job was unexpectedly eliminated and then the pandemic hit. She leaned into her faith and realized her lay-off was a blessing in disguise. For years she had been honing her skills as a coach, strategist, and consultant through volunteer efforts and community service. Now, she had the time. She realized that she needed to take her passion for faith and fitness, and affect God’s kingdom. She confidently turned Kingdom Power Living into her full-time income in early 2020 and was met with instant success.

Now, in 2021, she is committed to helping over 200 women lose a minimum of 10 pounds each from the comfort of their homes. Griffith believes helping these women change their temples will ultimately change their lives. For Griffith, that’s the essence of what Kingdom Power Living embodies, “Changing Lives One Temple At A Time”.

Griffith is burdened by the obesity and chronic disease plaguing Black and brown minority communities. She realizes that transformation and renewing of the mind and soul are needed. Helping women with the first 10 pounds is a crucial step. Her clients are Boss Moms, CEOs, C-level execs of small businesses who are shaping and changing the world around them but often neglect their personal health and wellness in favor of saving others. Griffith says that 10 pounds are a realistic goal she can help these women reach which starts the transformation process.

To learn more about the #2021PoundsIn2021 campaign, track the success stories, or refer a woman who would benefit just search Twitter or Instagram for #2021PoundsIn2021.

April Griffith Helps 200 Women Lose 10 Pounds #2021Poundsin2021

April Griffith is an inspirational speaker, mindset strategist, and fitness coach. She is the driving force behind Kingdom Power Living, a faith-based health and wellness business where she offers her speaking, consulting, and coaching services. Kingdom Power Living is dedicated to bringing Wholeness to the kingdom of God one temple at a time through coaching, fitness, and nutrition.

Inquiries can be directed to Ms. Griffith at media@kingdompowerliving.com, or 708-955-5344.

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