DMCrafters Launches Marketing Toolbox to Help Make Small Landscape Businesses Recession-Proof

This company uses lifecycle marketing to get repeat sales and customer loyalty using marketing and sales automation strategies.

Keeping a landscape or any home renovation-related business has its challenges, especially during a pandemic. To help small businesses in the industry retain and grow their customers, DMCrafters, a company specializing in lifecycle marketing, recently launched its latest product called Marketing Toolbox. The product aims to help businesses thrive during a recession. It also aids them to generate repeat sales and customer loyalty using marketing and sales automation strategies.

“Every small business owner, including landscapers, need an amazing, high-converting website and a solid marketing strategy. To help them get more with less work, we provide them the marketing tools, systems, and strategies,” said Daniel Vargas, founder of DMCrafters.

DMCrafters builds customer journey-focused strategies so small business owners and entrepreneurs can provide their audience the experience they need, want, or like as they move from prospects to customers then, ideally, to advocates. It also offers website design, marketing strategy, and coaching services.

Daniel recommends the company’s Marketing Toolbox for entrepreneurs who are clueless about the marketing processes. It also aids business owners who already have a marketing agency but still feel like the agency doesn’t quite get them.

With the solution and other services of his company, businesses can create lasting connections and build trust with customers to future-proof their business. It also allows them to build a repeatable marketing and sales process that makes it easy for them to set-up appointments, track leads, get quotes accepted, and grown their business.

Signing up for Daniel’s products and services is easy. It involves just three simple steps. First, clients should talk to a specialist. The team at DMCrafters will connect and listen to clients’ goals and roadblocks to create a clear strategy to move forward with. The next step is strategy-building. In this step, the team and the clients will work together to implement new marketing and sales strategy into an effective online sales funnel. Lastly, the company lets the clients grow their business by boosting visibility so they can watch their revenue increase.

Daniel is a top Keap Certified Partner and lifecycle marketing expert who is passionate about helping businesses build a solid customer base, meet their sales goals, and multiply their customers. His proven framework for business growth can be found at

Feedback for DMCrafters has completely endorsed the brand, its approach, and the results they got after engaging with it.

Tyler Kelly, CEO of TK Landscapes is one of the DMCrafters’ clients who shared his success story. Tyler Kelly was able to generate a 5-figure landscape project right after launching his website and first marketing strategy.

Another success story is Haliston Santos, CEO of BHPainting. After implementing the Marketing Toolbox, Haliston Santos was able to bring back 45% of his old customers.

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