This Web Developer Introduces an Essential Guide to Building a One-Page-Website for Any Business

This company started as a one-man team operation. Today, the brand has worked with many amazing clients including multi-million dollar companies, small businesses, podcasts, and more.

Building a website can be confusing and time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing. To help business owners take a strong first step into owning their digital footprint, This Web Developer, a web development service run by James DeLapa III, introduces his essential guide on how to build a one-page website for any business.

“Whether you hire an expert web developer or make your website using a builder tool, this content guideline will break out essential steps to making a great one-page website that can also act as a comprehensive home page when you are ready to expand your website,” James said.

To get started on building a website, you should first make a top section with a purpose or a call to action. There should be a tagline and elevator pitch along with a lead capture tool that catches emails, asks for contact information, clicks to call, etc.

Right below the top section you should mention that your business has been “seen on” notable websites if your business has been featured in any prominent digital spaces. Notable periodicals, blogs, or niche brand websites are all valuable, and links to the pages you are referenced are a big plus. People in the digital creation space call these images “trust symbols”. These symbols add credibility to a brand or business if your business is not a household name. Adding trust symbols can build and strengthen customer trust as well as brand legitimacy.

Following your top section, you should explain the benefit of why the business is unique. This is known as your “unique selling proposition”. A key to keeping website visitors engaged through this proposition is to angle the proposition keenly toward what benefit they will receive from your product or service. Examples include explaining that your business grows client revenue by 120% on average or that your customers can save over 80% more than competitors in their first month of using your company’s product or service.

If you are a business owner, you should also describe your process or break out your various service offerings in further detail. People might want to know more about how you achieve your unique selling proposition, and defining your process can help elaborate on your solution. If you don’t want to offer up too much information about your “secret sauce” recipe, perhaps you might want to break out what services you offer so your potential clients can see what services they might be interested in purchasing.

Testimonials are also great content to include early and often. Showing off reviews of happy clients with photos and names builds trust among customers. Video testimonials are can stand out from the standard five star review, so if you can get a client to talk about your company on their camera phone, put it on your site! You can also include star ratings from aggregate review sites such as Google, Yelp, etc. on the main page or at the footer to further cement the idea that your business is appreciated by others. At the end of the day, social proof is one of the strongest sales mechanisms on your website.

If you want to add even more content to your page, or perhaps even expand beyond the one page website – you can move into writing articles. Downloadable white papers and blog posts can be added directly on your site, and embedded social media channels are also good ways to encourage people to further engage with your business. The more content you give consumers, the more opportunity you give your visitors to stay on the website, get to know the business, and convert into a customer.

Regardless of the content mix you choose to do above; business owners should put a call to action to ask for the sale just above the footer of your page. If you aren’t asking your site visitors to take action at the bottom of your page, they will likely leave, and you will leave money on the table as a result.

So that’s how to make a great one-page website or home page! If you like this content you can learn more at You Can Build Websites or hire James to Build a WordPress Website for you.

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James DeLapa III has built high quality WordPress websites since 2016. While getting his start in digital marketing and sales, he found his services could be stronger by building high quality websites and guiding clients to giving users better user experiences through well-organized websites with targeted content for their visitors.

Over the past several years, James has operated a company called This Web Developer, and has aggressively sought to become one of the best WordPress web developers by partnering with clients to produce highly efficient, attention-grabbing and sales-generating online platforms. Clients find James’ communication to be a strength that sets him apart from the masses. No matter what level of understanding you have with websites, James ensures that the process of building a website will always be as easy to understand as possible.

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