Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, Launches Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

New workshops designed to reduce burnout in healthcare workers.

Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, is thrilled to announce the launch of new workshops targeted to help healthcare professionals who experience burnout. Tom Marino, who is an executive coach, life strategist, speaker, and author, and the founder of Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, says the COVID-19 pandemic led him to create a powerful tool for healthcare workers who are tired and overworked during this time.

At Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, the goal is to help people create balance and harmony through the power of their choices. Whether clients are experiencing life changes such as burnout, divorce or breakup, career transitions, retirement, or loss, many of which have been changes imposed by COVID-19 and being quarantined, Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, provides the coaching necessary to enjoy a better life balance. By injecting strategies that uncover true self, identify essential needs, and create antibodies for burnout, Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, clients build lives filled with balance.

Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, is launching a series of new workshops for helping stressed out healthcare workers with a goal of reducing burnout and create balance in their lives. “COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the stress levels that healthcare workers face,” said Marino, a former Physician Assistant. “I have designed these new workshops to empower stressed out healthcare workers to use the power of their choices to take care of their self needs and create a roadmap to improving stress, reducing burnout, and creating balance.”

The first workshop, “Unmasking the True Self”, will teach participants how to uncover the most authentic version of themselves with discovery and self-exploration tools. Participants will focus on turning fears into strengths through a series of activities that ultimately help open up new opportunities and reduce everyday stress.

The second workshop is called “Winning the ‘Self…’ Battle” and will show participants how to explore their selfless ways, selfishness, and how to recognize the need for self-care. Participants will learn skills for implementing boundaries and ensuring their own needs are being met. At the end of the workshop, participants will be ready to create a new reality.

Marino is the author of ‘Bridge To Change: A Transformation Process for Sustainable Life Fulfillment’, which offers readers a transformational journey to making sustainable life changes with a proven method for life fulfillment. His book has received five star reviews from satisfied readers who’ve successfully applied these strategies in their own lives. His book is available on Amazon and at

Using the same successful formula captured in his book and with his coaching strategies, Marino has created the new workshops he’s releasing for healthcare workers. Soon, the Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, website will offer all the details on the new workshops, including dates, pricing, and more.

Further information about Marino, his team, and his coaching methodology can be found at

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Tom Marino is the founder of Monarch Life Coaching, LLC, which offers targeted life coaching for high achievers struggling to create harmony and balance from their choices.

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