Bekim Kumanova pushes to make more Tallava music than ever

Albanian musician Bekim Kumanova is pushing to create more music this year after releasing a series of Tallava genre hits in the past months.

“While economies start to open up and restrictions are slowly being lifted, I want to bring my music across Europe and the world. As my musicality evolves, I want to release more dynamic songs while keeping their soul and pop,” Bekim Kumanova said in a press statement.

At the height of the global pandemic last year, Kumanova released a song titled “TALLAVA E FORT PËR ANUARIN E VOGEL” which sought to entertain his fans across the world amid the trying time. 

Many of his fans have described him as “King of Tallava.” Kumanova’s versatility from pop to reggae has earned him a name in the Albanian music industry and continues to gain recognition across Europe. 

Tallava or Talava is a music genre that originated in Kosovo. It is also popular in Albania and the Albanian-speaking communities in the Republic of Macedonia.

His song “TALLAVA E FORT PËR ANUARIN E VOGEL” has so far earned 47,000 views on Youtube. 

Kumanova said there is no stopping him from pursuing more Tallava hits, as fans continue to push him to create more songs in the next months.

“I want to add flavor in the Tallava genre and the music industry in general. I want my music to be heard on the streets, markets, and communities. I want them to resonate with everyday living, struggles, hope, and dreams of Balkan people,” Kumanova said.

Kumanova currently has over 37,000 followers on Instagram and 58,000 followers on Facebook, making him one of the most sought-after Balkan artists in the last years. 

“This is about being consistent in making music. This is about showing up, recording, and giving them something new and something good. My heart has always been into music, and there’s nothing else I want to do,” Kumanova said. 

On Youtube, Kumanova currently has 21,200 followers. He credits his fans for supporting him throughout his career and cites his family and friends’ role in empowering him to create more musical content.

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