Landscaping and Garden Building by Mammoth Services at Great Rates across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

For the past 15 years, Mammoth Services has provided expert returfing, landscaping re-design, garden tidy up, patio cleaning, and re-laying services in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. It is a trusted and affordable general landscaping services provider.

According to announcements released by Mammoth Services and Adam Hines-Randall & Lauren Blackman, this landscaping business offers the full range of general landscaping services. These include returfing, landscaping re-design, garden tidy up, patio cleaning, and re-laying services.

The tree surgery team from Mammoth Services is fully certified, insured, and capable of executing tree care projects for residential and commercial clients in Amersham, Chesham, and the neighboring areas. 

The NPTC-certified arborists from this business can fell, cut, and prune all types of trees. Its tree stump removal and grinding services allow for returfing and replanting, thereby creating additional space and adding to a yard’s appeal. This business uses specialized machinery to grind stumps to a depth of 600mm to prevent new shoots from appearing and readies the ground for repurposing. 

By providing timely tree pruning and branch removal services, Mammoth Services restores a tree’s shape and health and eliminates safety risks from dead and diseased branches. Regular pruning stimulates the growth of buds, blossoms, and fruit.

Expert hedge cutters from this landscaping firm serving Amersham trim and shape hedges to any shape and size. They maintain formal and feature hedges, from the very high conifer hedges to the small and compact, low box ones. Property owners can have old hedges removed and new ones planted to maintain a natural boundary that also serves as a habitat for small animals and birds. 

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Adam Hines-Randall & Lauren Blackman of Mammoth Services Ltd. said, “Welcome to Mammoth Services. We’re a leading, accredited landscaping provider, garden building, and tree surgery services throughout Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Berkshire.

Bringing over 15 years’ professional landscaping and tree surgery experience to your project, we can help you achieve all your garden goals, from removing trees and stubborn stumps to designing, landscaping, and constructing your perfect outdoor space – driveways, pathways, and cozy garden retreats included.

We’re also proud to be a Marshall’s accredited and vetted landscaping company and driveway installer. As well as adhering to vigorous installation standards, our patio and driveway work is regularly inspected, assuring you of the highest quality construction and finish. Additionally, where we use Marshall’s paving products, we also offer a 10-year Hard Landscape Guarantee, providing complete peace of mind.”

On tree crown thinning services offered by the business, Hines-Randall said, “If you’re keen to keep the height of your trees but want to make them safer and let more light into your home or office, then our crown thinning service is just the ticket. Here we reduce the density of branches throughout the main spread of the tree, reducing the tree’s weight, increasing its wind resistance – so branches are less likely to break and fall – and allowing light to filter through its branches. No matter how mature the tree or how tricky the tree’s location, we can reduce its density, leaving you with the height and coverage you want, minus the headaches associated with having large trees nearby.”

About the Company:

Mammoth Services Ltd provides exhaustive landscaping and hardscaping services in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. For the past one-and-half decade, this accredited general landscaping firm has enabled residential and commercial customers to maintain healthy gardens and yards. 

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