Release the global talent introduction order and invite talents from home and abroad to gather in Pingyang

From the “weekend engineer” to the introduction of doctors, from the flexible introduction of academicians to the full-time introduction of national and provincial major talent projects, Wenzhou Pingyang is vigorously attracting, gathering, loving and using talents with the mind of embracing all rivers and the sincerity of loving and respecting talents. On March 12, the launching ceremony of “Wenzhou talent day” was held in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City. At the launching ceremony, Pingyang took the lead in launching the “talent code” in Wenzhou to provide the greatest convenience for talents.

It is an important measure to carry out the “digital transformation” of the provincial Party committee, and to promote the construction of talent infrastructure. At present, Pingyang talent code has been launched in Zheli. You can locate Pingyang and search the “Pingyang talent code” entrance to login. To provide tourism services, travel services, housing services, education services, life services and many other exclusive services for ABCDE talents and university graduates identified by Pingyang County. Talents can make “one click appointment” on mobile phones and handle affairs online, so as to realize “one code in hand, Pingyang is easy to walk”, and let talents enjoy the highest city courtesy in Pingyang.

It is reported that the ten special events of “Wenzhou talent day” in Pingyang include publishing a “Pingyang talent code”, establishing a talent service alliance, launching a series of practical talents services, carrying out a centralized commendation of talents, holding a docking activity of “cloud return of overseas talents”, holding a series of spring talent recruitment fairs, jointly planting a “talent forest” and holding an education fair A series of activities were held, including talent tea party, a free clinic activity of caring for talents and health, and a salon for young talents.

To be a good “mother family” of talents and a good “shop boy” of service talents have always been the unremitting pursuit of recruiting talents in Pingyang County. Pingyang starts from solving the “key trifles” of talents, takes improving the sense of talent acquisition and satisfaction as the foothold, integrates service resources in an all-round way, promotes “ten facts of talent service”, makes the majority of talents comfortable and happy with high-quality and efficient services, and strives to create a high-quality talent ecosystem with “temperature and talent”.

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