“The 6th (Daguan·Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” were successfully released

Rise up brand value of Chinese enterprises in world rankings. Practice the Chinese standards of international brand value communications.

Promote Chinese brand value evaluation standards. Share the unique ideas of experts and scholars. Boost the sustainable development of Chinese brands. With a pragmatic, innovative, and open mind, we are looking for valuable suggestions on the international release of “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” from global enterprises and brand value evaluation communities. This year’s press conference also takes the form of live video, so as to satisfy both brand enthusiast and friends in the brand circle who cannot participate in the event at scene. UU Party sincerely invite you to join the online global press conference and celebrate with us.

The Press Conference of “The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” was successfully held at Zhong Hua Banquet Hall of The Lake View Hotel of Peking University at nine o’clock in the morning on March 14, 2021.


The Invited Guests were: 

Yan Zhijie, famous Chinese economist, former Standing Committee Member of Peking University, former Dean of School of Economics, Peking University

Ji Peiding, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Party Committee, Chairman of Association of Former Diplomats of China

Diao Mingsheng, Chairman of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, former representative of China’s Permanent Representative Office to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, former Chinese Ambassador to Benin

Zhao Qingguo, former Director of the Inspection Office of the Party Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Director of Ministry of Personnel

Li Kai, Director of International Exchange Department of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Liu Xiaohua, Researcher of Peking University Brand Value Research Evaluation Platform, former executive director of the Private Economic Research Association of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Director of Chinese Association for CAPITAL Studies

Fang Dong, Director of Beijing Hai Cheng Notary Public Office

Yan Yu, Executive Deputy Dean of the Southwest Branch of the School of Economics, Peking University

Robert Parua, UNESCO Education Project Officer

H.E. Mr. Didier Dacko, The Ambassador of the Republic of Mali to China

H.E. Mr. Antonia Hugh, The Ambassador of Jamaica to China

Song Jinhong, Organizer of the conference, CEO of Beijing Daguan · Keweiwei Brand Value (China) Network, Executive Director of Beijing (Shenzhen) Daguan Advertising Co., Ltd., Secretary General of Peking University Brand Value Research Evaluation Platform

More than a hundred people including representatives from the government, academia, industry, media, Peking University, Tsinghua University, former Chinese ambassadors abroad, directors of overseas Chinese cultural centers, well-known scholars, and representatives of entrepreneurs attended the conference. The meeting was hosted by the well-known host, Mr. Yu Hong.


Professor Yan Zhijie, former Dean of School of Economics, Peking University, Famous Chinese economist, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Peking University China Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform addressed in his speech that, “With the steady growth of our country’s economy, the effects of supply-side reforms, and the gradual implementation of the dual-cycle strategic deployment of economic development, the foundation and ability to cultivate brands has been further enriched and improved.”

He also introduced, “This list is scientific and reliable, and it is extremely realistic and pragmatic. Through this list, we can understand the current status of brand value rankings worldwide, and understand the actual brand value status of Chinese enterprises on it.”


Mr. Ji Peiding, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the China Association of Former Diplomats, said in his speech, “The confidence of Chinese culture is inseparable from the power of brand. Our country has turned to the stage of high-quality development, and quality is the foundation of the brand. Culture is the core of the added value of the brand. Seizing opportunities, braving the wind and waves, enhancing brand advantages, casting industrial highlands and cultivating new kinetic energy are the passports for Chinese companies to go global and display their international image.”


Ms. Song Jinhong, CEO of Beijing Daguan · Keweiwei Brand Value (China) Network, Executive Director of Beijing (Shenzhen) Daguan Advertising Co,. Ltd. , Secretary-General of Peking University’s Brand Value Research Platform, officially released “2020 (Daguan · Keweiwei) The 6th China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” and introduced the evaluation work in detail.

    In her speech, Ms. Song Jinhong introduced, “The unprecedented outbreak of the epidemic broke people’s normal life order, but we are gratified to find that all of our companies on the list have reacted quickly to overcome the huge difficulties caused by this epidemic, looked for solutions to maintain normal production order, and assumed the responsibility of large enterprises to participate in the country’s prevention and control of the epidemic.”

“For example, Tencent Holdings, which ranks number one in “The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List”, upheld the good uses of Internet technology to provide the society with effective communications and epidemic monitoring technical support in the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic. It also established a global fund of $100 million to fight against worldwide epidemic. Besides, Tencent launched an international “medical” service area on April 13, 2020, to help global enterprises, medical institutions and governments to meet the challenge from coronavirus epidemic.”

“TSMC, which ranks number three on “The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List”, couldn’t suspend the production due to the particularity of the industry. Under the raging epidemic, many enterprises across the country had to delay the resumption of work. As a chip manufacturing enterprise, it had to protect the health of employees while ensuring its normal production. Its domestic and foreign branches have also contributed to the fight against the epidemic in various ways, including donations of the fund, donations of prevention and control materials, and organized emergency teams to support Hubei, which is severely affected by the epidemic.”

“As a large-scale commercial bank with an international vision and global operations, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has remained a stable ranking on “The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” with its profound strength of operation. At the time of containing the epidemic, the company gave its financial support and guarantee with full effort to ensure the stable operation and stick to the bottom line of risks. In the process of fighting against epidemic, both domestic and foreign institutions have fully demonstrated the patriotism as well as the spirit of helping each other.”

The “China Brand Value Evaluation Standards”, which adopted by“The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List”, refers to the world-class brand value evaluation system, and it continuously carries out actual evaluation, ranking application and repeated testing at the same time. Combining both the international system and the development of China’s economy, The “China Brand Value Evaluation Standards”was finally formed after years of continuous improvement, and it has become the first brand value evaluation system in China. The “China Brand Value Evaluation Standards” adheres to the principles of business continuity, economic value, expected profits and prudent financial performances. It conducted a multi-dimensional and detailed research based on public information in the latest four years and before through the method of field research, consumer research data and market information. The “China Brand Value Evaluation Standards” is based on more than 80 indicators of 34 categories in seven dimensions, including brand leadership, product, service quality, innovation capabilities, legal rights, brand building, social responsibility and financial performance. It establishes a relatively complete and comprehensive system to focus on the operating rules and status of the brand system, and future development trends, and then conducts a cautious and comprehensive evaluation of the formation, survival and development of a company’s brand value, brand revenue and brand strength.

 “The (Daguan·Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” is released on the basis of Chinese market with a pragmatic and objective academic research along with an open, notarized and fair system of Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standard. The standard help select companies across the entire Greater China region based on the company’s latest annual operating profit and net profit and supplemented by operating income, regardless of whether the company is listed or not, as long as the company’s information is transparent and available in the open market. And it also removes the companies with negative public opinion that will adversely affect their future development. Experts are invited to score the brand value based on information obtained in the open market, evaluate brand strength comprehensively and establish a correlation between brand strength and brand earnings risk, which is reflected in the conversion of brand strength scores into the discount rate applicable to the brand’s future earnings so as to predict the reliable and stable brand.

In an objective and fair way of evaluation to calculate brand value of shortlisted brands, the “China Brand Value Top 100 List” was eventually formed on the basis of the “China Brand Value Evaluation Standards”.

Since the releasing of the list, it has been highly recognized by the business community, academia, and the brand community, and has supplemented the brand value and application of the actual needs of enterprises. The authority of establishing the standard has a profound influence in China in terms of practicability and applicability. The“(Daguan·Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” has been highly recognized and favored by the Top 100 domestic companies, but also won the attention and trust of consumers at home and abroad because of the publicity and reporting of both domestic and foreign mainstream media and networks.

The total valuation of this year’s “(Daguan·Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” is 11,326,029 million yuan. The top 20 companies on the list are: Tencent(654.918 billion yuan), Alibaba(587.369 billion yuan), TSMC(469.74 billion yuan), ICBC(418.616 billion yuan), Huawei(327.456 billion yuan), China Mobile, CCB, Ping An Insurance, ABC, BOC, Cathay Pacific Financial, Sinopec, CNPC, Kweichow Moutai, CNBM, SAIC, Fubon Financial Holdings, Country Garden, BOC, China Shenhua.

Rise up brand value of Chinese enterprises in world rankings. Practice the Chinese standards of international brand value communications. “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” on the basis of the “Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standards” is released to the world today.

As we all know, currently on a global scale, the most influential brand value lists are the Fortune Global 500 and Forbes Global 2000. The “Fortune” Global 500 ranks companies on the basis of two indicators of operating income and profit, and pays more attention to the scale of the company. “Forbes” uses a comprehensive way of scoring based on the four major indicators of revenue, profit, total assets and market value to include the world’s largest and most powerful listed companies on its list. The evaluation methods of the two most influential lists in the world today are relatively simple, without reckoning in the assessed value of the brands. But it bears the trust of many powerful companies in the world.

It is the first time to expand the scope of standard use in mainstream capital markets around the world.

Since it is the first time to evaluate the brand value of international companies, a higher requirement for our data collection work was given. The data collection and research of well-known companies around the world is a huge workload. In order to maintain the rigorous, accurate, fair and equitable evaluation standard, we only select companies that have publicly disclosed corporate information on the market as samples for screening, most of which are listed companies. The “First World Brand Value Top 900 List” is based on 51 exchanges in 41 countries and regions that can be queried as the primary selection for enterprises.


Stock exchange



Mainland China

Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( SZSE)


Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

Taiwan, China

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)


Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)


Korea Exchange (KRX)


Singapore Exchange (SGX)


Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE)


Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)


The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE)


National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)


Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)


Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)


Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)

Sri Lanka

Colombo Stock Exchange


The Stock Exchange of Thailand(SET)

United Arab Emirates

Borse Dubai


Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX)


Philippine Stock Exchange









United Kingdom

London Stock Exchange (LSE)


Borsa Italiana S.p.A.


The German stock exchange


Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Paris Euronext (formerly Paris Stock Exchange)


SWX  Swiss Exchange


Bolsas y Mercados Españoles ( in Spanish) (BME)


Bolsa de Madrid(in Spanish)


Oslo Børs(in Norsk)


Warsaw Stock Exchange


The Istanbul Stock Exchange


Moscow Exchange


St. Petersburg Exchange


Stockholm Stock Exchange


Copenhagen Stock Exchange


Helsinki Stock Exchange


Budapest Stock Exchange

Czech Republic

Prague Stock Exchange





United States

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)




Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)


Mexican Stock Exchange


Brazilian Stock Exchange


Buenos Aires Stock Exchange


Santiago Stock Exchange


Bolsa de Valores de Lima


Columbia Stock Exchange








Australian Securities Exchange  (ASX)


South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE)

New Zealand

New Zealand Exchange (NZX)





South Africa

JSE Limited

If there is any omission, please contact us.

Evaluation Method of “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List 2020 

Comparing national standards for brand value evaluation with international accepted methods, establish a correlation between brand strength and brand earnings risk, which is reflected in the conversion of brand strength scores into the discount rate applicable to the brand’s future earnings so as to predict the reliable and stable brand profit in the future and calculate the brand value by excess earning value method.

According to this standard, the assessor selects the shortlisted brands whose financial information is disclosed. And experts and scholars are invited to score and evaluate the brands to conducts a fair, impartial and objective value assessment of all the shortlisted brands, and finally release the “The First World Brand Value Top 900″ List”.

Evaluation Description

Brand evaluation is a complex and rigorous systematic work. There are a lot of data to be collected and analyzed and there are many indicators to be calculated. It is necessary to enhance the objectivity and accuracy of predictive indicators as well as promote the reliability and applicability of the brand value evaluation based on in-depth analysis.

Screening Criteria for the Preliminary Shortlisted Companies of “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List”

  1. Make a preliminary screening with reference to all the companies that have appeared in the Forbes 2000 list in the past five years;
  2. Exclude companies that have been merged, delisted and companies that cannot obtain financial data for the past 4 years from about 2,200 enterprises.
  3. Look for companies with relatively high market capitalization and stock prices from major global capital markets.

Acquisition of Basic Financial Information

  1. The company’s annual financial statements for the past 4 years since its establishment, including balance sheet, income statement, annual financial analysis report, financial status change statement (cash flow statement); Data source Investing.com (https://cn.investing.com/). Investing.com has a unified format and language of the global major securities transaction tax corporate financial statements, making it easier to obtain basic financial information.
  2. Due to the different places of attribution and listed exchanges, different currency units are used in different companies in their financial statements. In order to be more accurate, the currency exchange rate will be converted when calculating the final brand value. The exchange rate on the basis of central parity of the foreign exchange rate from Bank of China on June 30th, 2020 is used as the conversion basis.
  3. There are still some differences between the accounting subjects in the financial statements and the international general IFRS standards. In the calculation, the corresponding subjects are compared and the subjects that are substantially more consistent are selected for calculation.


It is very difficult to obtain information of global brand companies. The workload of collecting and collating information in the early stage is very large. When evaluating companies, scholars and experts must consider differences between different capital markets due to their own characteristics. Therefore, although brand value evaluation strives to be objective and fair, it still possess definite subjectivity due to completeness of the public information and the subjective judgment of experts. We call on both domestic and foreign business communities to give more support for our World Brand Value Top 900 List, and contact us to provide detailed information about the company so that we can track the companies’ brand dynamics and evaluate the companies’ brand value more efficiently and accurately. 

Through the release of “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List”, we can not only appreciate these international brands that people are familiar with in Chinese market, such as, Apple (USA), Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia), Volkswagen (Germany), AB InBev (Belgium), Toyota (Japan), Nestle (Switzerland), Volvo(Sweden),Unilever(Netherland), Hyundai(South Korea), Gazprom (Russia), GSK (UK), but also many powerful brands of various fields that we are not familiar with yet, for example, Santander Bank(Spain), Brookfield Asset(Canada), Accenture (Ireland), Petrobras (Brazil), Naspers (South Africa), Prologis (Singapore), PPTPCL (Thailand), Telin (Indonesia), TOP Frontier (Philippines), Telenor (Norway), Genting (Malaysia), OMV (Austria), Athene Holding (Bermuda), KONE (Finland), Sabanci (Turkey), Teva (Israel), Emirates NBD (The United Arab Emirates), Antofagasta (Chile), Tenaris (Luxembourg), Arab Bank (Jordan), Bank of Greece (Greece), Galp Energia (Portugal), and so on.

“The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” contains 243 companies from the United States of America. And there are 240 companies from the Greater China region, including mainland China, Hong Kong China, Macao China and Taiwan China. Among them, 2 are from Macau, 17 are from Taiwan and 35 are from Hong Kong. On the list, Tencent ranks 30 with a valuation of 654.917 billion yuan. Alibaba ranks 40 with a valuation of 587.369 billion yuan. TCMC ranks 62 with a valuation of 4697.39 100 million yuan. ICBC ranks 72 with a valuation of 418.616 billion yuan. Huawei ranks 94 with a valuation of 327.456 billion yuan. China Mobile ranks 97 with a valuation of 324.854 billion yuan. CCB ranks 98 with a valuation of 324.546 billion yuan. These are the number s that we are proud of. Let us work hard together to rise up brand value of Chinese enterprises in world rankings.

Here at Daguan· Keweiwei Brand Value (China) Network(www.bvrcn.com), we provide information to check the ranking lists. We sincerely invite brand value enthusiast to support our work and protect your favorite brands along with us.

“All things are nurtured without harming each other, Tao runs in parallel without contradicting each other.” Mr. Yan Yu, a well-known scholar of Peking University, always respects the diversity of civilizations and promotes exchanges and dialogues among civilizations. He gave a wonderful speech, “At a new starting point, Chinese brands adapt new development requirements, cultivating new opportunities and opening a new game in the reform. For Chinese brands, this is a new starting point as well as a new opportunity. Brand building has become a boost to supply-side structural reforms, the realization of “three transformations”, and an important grasp of cultivating world’s first-class enterprises.” The spread of brand culture requires excellent cultural carriers. Mr. Yan Yu also presented his latest book “Civilization Trilogy” written in combination with his personal experience to the cultural counselor and the guest ambassadors.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Mali to China, Mr. Didier Dacko, delivered a speech. Brand is an important carrier of quality, technology, reputation and culture, and is one of the core elements to promote high-quality economic development and enhance international competitiveness. Brand building has a long way to go, and it is a way of persistence, hard work and accumulation.

The Jamaican Ambassador to China, Mr. Antonia Hugh gave a wonderful speech, “Speaking of Jamaica, People will also think of our Jamaica’s fragrant Blue Mountain coffee; our aromatic iconic aged rums. The global influence of reggae music and is one of our intangible name brand cards. The track and field, such as the “flying flash” Usain Bolt, etc. “The Daguan · Keweiwei World Brand Value Top 900 List” has brought surprises to the world. We are very impressed by the Chinese enterprise, like Daguan · Keweiwei, to organize such pragmatic, innovative and meaningful worldwide event. Brand has become an indispensable and important element in today’s world trade and economic exchanges. This list is worthy of trust. We attach great importance to it and are very willing to participate in the event of “The Daguan · Keweiwei World Brand Value Top 900 List”. We will recommend our domestic enterprises to pay attention to and participate in the future event and in a hope that we can have opportunities to cooperate and more Jamaican brands can grow in the Chinese market in the future.”

Mr. Diao Mingsheng, former representative of China’s Permanent Representative Office to the United Nations Economic and former Chinese ambassador to Benin, delivered a speech in which fully affirmed the power of brands of Chinese companies. “A good brand can bring a significant brand premium. World-class brands can help achieve high-quality development. Under the dual-cycle pattern, telling the story of Chinese brands well, showing the charisma of Chinese brands, paying tribute to Chinese entrepreneurs, promoting the spirit of innovation, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, conveying the positive energy of Chinese brands, and playing the strongest voice of national brands is important.”

The release of “The (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List” and “The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” is not only to let more people get inspired by the brand value of these respectable world brands, but also to truly realize the financial and the value of securities closely related to the capital market behind the brands. Innovate international Internet securities brand board on security market, to win more brand followers to share the bonus of brand value, and to spread the stock gospel brought to people by world brands are what we are working hard on. The “Brand Value Finance and Securities Research Group” of Peking University’s Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform was formally established.

Take advantage of the trend, and keep working with persistence. Experts and scholars at the conference said that Chinese brands are an important window for the world to understand China and an important component of national image and cultural soft power. Taking this conference as an opportunity, let us give full play to the advantages of interdisciplinary and cross-departmental clusters, help Chinese brands to go global on the basis of academics, society-oriented, collaborative innovation, international exchanges, gathering ideas, consolidating consensus and know more about world brand.

The 6th (Daguan · Keweiwei) China Brand Value Top 100 List

The First World Brand Value Top 900 List” 


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