In a world of ever changing beauty standards, Pretty Face Co. reminds that People derrière’s are perfectly worthy too.

In a world of ever changing beauty standards, Pretty Face Co. reminds that People derrière’s are perfectly worthy too.
Featuring clean-sourced, natural, and organic ingredients, the Latina-owned luxury skincare brand has generated quite a movement with its unapologetic message of self-acceptance.

New Jersey based luxury skincare brand Pretty Face Co. has announced new product launches in March 2021 after resounding success of their body-positive “Love Your Girls” Décolleté, & Derrière cream.

The Latina-owned business is run by Kyla Hurtado (Instagram @ariya_taylor_), who is known as Ariya Taylor on social media. A name that initially represented her hobby of modelling and her way of making her ethnicity go away. Her passion for self-acceptance has become a worldwide challenge and “never want(s) anyone to feel unworthy in their own skin.” She quotes “I was ashamed of brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes because of the stigma of what beauty should be – fair, tall, blue-eyed, blonde. Beauty comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes.” Pretty Face Co. was inspired by her immigrant mother who moved from Mexico to Los Angeles, California in search of pursuing her dream away from the demoralizing views of women in the workplace. “Our brand is ALL about feeling worthy. In other words, self-empowerment because you ARE worthy of your dreams, goals, & desires.” She added.

The leading lady behind Pretty Face Co. explained that a female’s body goes through unscrupulous judgement not only by society but by the person themselves. The launch of her body cream “Love Your Girls” is just like it sounds.

There are several other exciting products available in the luxury natural skincare brands lineup, such as their aromatherapy candles that honor the woman’s body. The design of the candles are handmade by Kyla and sculpted out of clay.

In one of her recent interviews, the company owner also opened up about the unapologetic message of self-acceptance that she has vowed to promote with her brand. “I am also a model, and from this industry I learned a lot about self-acceptance in a workplace that is all about criticism.” Kyla is also a part time commercial fashion model. She added, “I made this company to remind you, you are beautiful and worthy of your dreams, goals, and desires. My products are a daily manifestation that helps you realize you are beautiful inside and out.”  The ingredients are certified natural, eco-friendly, junk/chemical free too.”

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