DaaZ Securely and Affordably Connects Buyers and Sellers of Premium Domain Names

London, UK – DaaZ.com, a premium domain name marketplace, believes that every great idea deserves an equally great domain name. The problem is, there are over 371 million domain names already registered, and nearly half of them are unused. This means that there is a whole universe of millions of domain names that could be a great fit for an idea that is just waiting to be purchased and repurposed. Likewise, there are countless purchasers who are waiting to find the right domain name to showcase their idea in the best possible way. DaaZ provides the solution to this problem and is excited to share its services with buyers and sellers around the world.

DaaZ offers a two-sided solution to get unused domain names into the hands of those who are interested in them. Their seller-friendly platform enables domain owners to offer their names for sale, and their buyer-friendly platform and brokerage service enables buyers to find the perfect domain name for their business in a simple, secure, and affordable way.

DaaZ’s flexibility makes it stand out from competitors for all the right reasons. DaaZ does not require sellers to exclusively list their domain names on DaaZ.com, leaving sellers free to market their domain names wherever they see fit. DaaZ only charges sellers a success fee if the listed domain name sells, hence DaaZ is keen to maintain a platform that promotes successful domain name sales. Buyers can buy domain names using multiple types of currency (e.g: USD, EUR and GBP), including Crypto.

DaaZ’s services are affordable, especially compared with industry competitors. With a highly trusted reputation and near 24/7 live chat support for any customer service issues, buyers and sellers of premium domain names can be confident that they will be seamlessly connected to the right domain name at the right price. To learn more about DaaZ, please click here.

About Daaz.com

DaaZ.com is a premium domain name Aftermarket / Marketplace owned by DaaZ Limited based in London, UK. Their key objective is to help buyers and sellers securely connect and conduct transactions with each other. DaaZ.com has made the domain name acquisition process frictionless and stress-free for start-up founders and brand owners. It is the #1 rated domain name marketplace according to customer reviews on TrustPilot.com.

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