timeviewer Launches The GCC’s First Virtual Clinic

Consult at timeviewer’s virtual clinic with direct assistance

Just because COVID-19 put a stop to many things this year, doesn’t mean it has to put an end to any help or advice you might need. Instead of keeping yourself in the dark during this crucial time with the spread of a pandemic, make a meaningful life change with timeviewer’s new virtual clinic. This revolutionary approach to experience online consultations with direct assistance was designed by a blossoming creator and entrepreneur named Mohamad Arab, suitable for people to consult online with professionals while promoting the most important action to safety, social distancing.

“COVID-19 has created a lot of tension and chaos globally, causing business failures, depression and anxiety, and so much more. I created a portal to allow people to communicate with professionals in the easiest and safest way possible.”, Arab said. “I wanted to ease people’s minds through this difficult time and let them know that they are not in this alone. By consulting with professionals on timeviewer, they could get any type of help, whether it was physical, emotional, psychological, or mental help. Not only that, but our newest virtual clinic feature will give customers the direct assistance they need. I want people to know that there is a way to get through this worldwide crisis safely and securely with advice and help by their side, and that way is timeviewer.”

The new virtual clinic feature allows experts to add clinic shifts if/when they choose to be available. Clients who need direct assistance through the virtual clinic are expected to enter the online waiting room with a queue number in hand that gives an estimated waiting time, then choosing a communication method (text message, voice call, video call). A chat room is then created between the client and expert, where the client is expected to send background information about themselves. The background information should include data that the expert needs to know about before starting the session. Lastly, experts get daily notifications and alerts to check up on any sudden sessions reserved at any time of day. 

The benefits of using services provided from a virtual clinic are greater, because virtual clinic sessions are relatively cheaper than regular appointments made on the application. In addition, there is no time duration set on a virtual clinic session, unlike a regular appointment made on timeviewer which requires customers to pay for their sessions according to the time they want to spend communicating with the expert. 

About timeviewer

timeviewer is an online consultation application that provides the easiest way to communicate with a group of trusted experts without having to wait long in reception areas. It allows the user to communicate with any doctor or expert specializing in a specific field with sound or image at a time appropriate for the user. This application was created in the year 2017, which benefited people with so many needs that include online therapy and advice. timeviewer includes a wide variety of topics that clients can consult about with professionals, including medical and physiological consultancy, health & fitness, speech-language pathology, business administration, self-development skills, construction, legal, and so much more. timeviewer is the first and most leading comprehensive Arab digital platform in the field of integrated consulting. Additionally, it is an innovative new concept for continuous communication with a group of specialists in all major fields that consolidates the visions of Arab countries in promoting digital transformation and reliance on digital applications.

About Mohamad Arab

Mohamad Arab is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who created a venture capital firm named BeInMedia (https://www.beinmedia.com/), in addition to being the founder of multiple creative applications that have serviced thousands of businesses throughout several countries around the world, including the GCC countries. His strive to heal the world during this chaotic time, in addition to his unique personality and way of thinking is what made him skyrocket in the media industry and become a successful businessman. The virtual clinic feature is one of his newest and most brilliant ideas that will hopefully succeed by aiding thousands of people going through hardships during this disastrous pandemic. 


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