A master digital marketing strategist, Ray Cartier now teaching others the successful strategies

Ray Cartier is a staunch believer in the online market, especially social media in terms of digital marketing. That’s because by leveraging the power and potential of the online platforms, he has helped many businesses become multi-million ventures. He is keen on transferring his knowledge and special techniques to others as well.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Social media platforms can host some of the best advertisement and marketing strategies. With billions of users all over the globe, the availability of social media is vast. Ray Cartier believes that this availability can be leveraged effectively and efficiently to scale any kind of business in today’s world. He is a young entrepreneur, who is also a digital marketing expert. Ray has realized the potential of social media and so, he is helping businesses to expand and grow, while teaching his fruitful strategies to those who want to learn. Through these social media marketing strategies, businesses can change how they operate and grow significantly.

With a knack for social media marketing, Ray Cartier wants to educate people so that they can get themselves or their businesses recognized on social media. He wants to help people strategize marketing effectively. Giving an example of one such scenario, Ray said “The restaurant businesses need to innovate the way they advertise, especially on social media or they will face closure.” He believes that businesses need to stay up-to-date with the contemporary world if they want to succeed. And with his amazing social media strategies, he changes the way businesses operate and market on social media while earning additional income.

Ray currently owns two businesses, both of them being educational. He owns a talent agency by the name of Eleven X Agency. Through this venture, Ray Cartier teaches people who want to become social media influencers. By mentoring people on how they can get themselves recognized on social media, the agency helps people looking forward to becoming talents of the future. Ray wants to help those who want to unlock their untapped potential through this influencer marketing management company.

With over 52K followers, Ray Cartier is very active on his Instagram account, where he shares his lifestyle. He can be contacted on Instagram @theraycartier.

Ray has helped many businesses to bloom and grow to a much significant extent. Ray said, “I was able to scale businesses to multi-million dollar mark through affiliate marketing, sales and funnels.” He is now on a mission to train those who want to market their products. By providing educational services, Ray wants to help businesses innovate the marketing ideas.

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