Here is how Ray Cartier is making it better for the upcoming traders

Here is how Ray Cartier is making it better for the upcoming traders

The 28-year-old entrepreneur is giving us major goals. Ray Cartier who hails from Brampton, Ontario was raised with an ambitious mindset to pursue financial freedom. Raised by a single father, Ray saw a rough childhood. Since young, Ray realized the value of money. The journey hasn’t been easy for him. He took several paths before reaching the final one. Put his efforts everywhere but finally reached to trading and spreading knowledge for the same.

When and why Ray decided to teach

Upon dropping out of College, Ray began spending countless hours and invested thousands of dollars to trade and learn under various mentors. Unfortunately, he quickly realized that most of these mentorship programs were just money grabs.

This was the time when Ray began to relentlessly study and analyse price action based trading as well as fundamental trading. Soon then, Ray finally adapted to the market and became dependent on it. 

Ray also runs a social media marketing agency on the side, the agency offers to create social media ads, setting up funnels, launching products, and promoting content.

Here is how Ray is helping students through his experience

Ray wakes his students up to their blind spots. From his experience, he protects them from getting burned. Ray is using his experience and giving it all to make his education program the best. He is also developing AI-powered software to help people in a better way.

His students have someone to approach with their frustrations, and they are trained to master various aspects like price action, trading, reading charts, and risk management. Ray also focus on digital currency. He deals in cryptocurrencies as well as spreads knowledge about them.

Ray’s visions and goals

Ray says all these hardships gave him discipline and made him understand the value of money. He notes that his experiences have led him to care about improving people’s financial life. He is well aware of the fact that he’s not a know-it-all. Remembering his struggles of early childhood is a great source of motivation for him. Ray still watches speeches, video clips, and motivational films to keep him going. He reveals that he spends at least one hour every day on personal development.

Ray is committed to helping people achieve financial freedom through investing. He is a self-made investor who experienced poverty in his childhood and hence feels the need to empower other people who are stuck in financial hardships. He has a perfect understanding of how tough life can get, which is what drives him to educate people about making great investment decisions.

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