Funphix provides mental stimulation and physical exercise for kids during COVID-19 pandemic

Toy construction playset is ideal for cognitive development and creating social skills in children of all ages

Funphix is the all-new toy construction playset that stimulates children mentally and provides hours of physical activity. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly reduced the number of hours kids spend at school learning or doing physical activity. Simple things like going to the park to play with friends has become a near impossible activity. Funphix allows kids to gain cognitive development and the chance to create social skills all in one simple building set.

Funphix construction playsets can be built easily by kids of all ages in a backyard, bedroom, or indoor space. Once the set is built, kids can play on the Funphix and let their imaginations run wild. Funphix offers a variety of playsets that can be built into forts with slides, basketball goals, or houses. The great thing about Funphix is the only limit is the imagination of what can be created.

Each construction playset assembles quickly and easily. Kids do not need the help of adults – unless they want to enjoy the fun of Funphix too. The high-quality plastic tubes connect courtesy of plastic connectors. The sturdy pieces make it possible for kids to climb all over their creation. Funphix creations can even be wheeled around the house or backyard.

“The great thing about Funphix playsets is that the kids can create a fort, tent, or other creation,” a Funphix spokesperson said. “Once they are finished building, they can play with their creation all day long. If they want to change it, then it can easily and quickly be changed.”

The Funphix is great for kids needing stimulation during the current COVID-19 pandemic. With millions of kids unable to go out and play as they normally would, the construction playsets make it possible to get mental and physical exercise at home. Funphix is also great for summertime when kids are at home from school. Children are able to run wild and have exciting outdoor adventures. The fun doesn’t end at night time or when the weather turns rainy. The construction playsets can be taken apart, moved inside, and rebuilt.

Parents craving a new idea for stimulating their children can find the answer with Funphix. Kids can build a design from their imagination then spend hours climbing, sliding, and playing inside their creation.

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Funphix is the home of the best building toys for fun times and stimulated minds. They carry a variety of toys for kids to construct and play with – toys that are enjoyable to build, encourage creativity, boost your child’s cognitive development, and nurture social skills.

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