R&B, Soul & Hip Hop Rising Star Dyna Edyne Set to Drop Breakthrough new Single “I Don’t Work For You”

R&B, Soul & Hip Hop Rising Star Dyna Edyne Set to Drop Breakthrough new Single "I Don’t Work For You"
It’s 2021 and it’s time for something new in the music world. Miami’s own R&B and Hip Hop songstress Dyne Edyne is answering the call.

March 16, 2021 – The last year has been hard for nearly everyone. Especially musicians, who have lost the opportunity to play in venues, tour, and do the other normal things to help build their career and share their art. Fortunately, some have used this challenging time to embrace their creativity, write songs, and come strong with their latest work.

In that spirit, Miami-based R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop Vocalist and songwriter Dyna Edyne recently announced she will be dropping her new single soon “I Don’t Work For You”. The new song showcases an intriguing psychedelic influence that’s new to the urban music world, and is sure to set Dyna apart and ahead of her peers.  Early listeners couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the sound.  The song and video for “I Don’t Work For You” are set to be released on March 26th.

“I represent a new age of soul music and its refreshing to see it resonates with fans and other artists,” commented the passionate artist. “This will set the stage for the rest of my 2021 releases. I think this will be a year to remember.”

The new song picks up the momentum of her “Branches” EP, whose single “F.L.Y.” won a placement on Range Rover’s 50th-anniversary commercial, has been played on Miami radio stations like HOT105.1 and 100.3 FM The Grind. Even Nigeria Smooth 98.1 FM has consistently played her songs.

Expect the new “psychedelic soul” twist to win Dyna Edyne more ears and fans than ever.

Check out the rising star on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dynaedyne.

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