Local American Farm Sourced Organic Beard Oil Added To Dallas-Based Firm

The Castlebeard Company offers local, American farm-sourced oils of beards of all types. The selection of oils is picked to lock-in nutrients in the pores and roots of the hair.

The Castlebeard Company is pleased to announce the selection of beard oil products which are carefully picked to provide full growth and locked-in nourishment for the beards of all types and conditions. The farm-sourced oils provide a product that is ethical, natural, and organic. They soften, repair, and help to sculpt the beard hair and skin. Life’s actions take a toll on the skin. Some of the assaults on the skin and beard include environmental stresses, variances in climate, everyday life stresses, and simple aging.

The products from Castlebeard Company keep the beard clean, moisturized, smooth, and protected. The total line of men’s beard care products all possesses the same organic ingredients to work magic on beards, hair, and skin. The organic local materials are combined in a formula that ensures shine, smoothness, and softness. Castlebeard is built on ethical sourcing, with no testing on animals. 

The company sells quality products to bearded customers of all types, including lumberjacks, white-collar, blue-collar, hipsters, and men of all kinds. The ingredients and materials are sourced from US-based manufacturers and farms. The firm is dedicated to building premium raw materials into high-quality beard products. All of the products are high-quality bath and hair products, including beard oil, beard butter, hand-made soaps, scrubs, shampoo, beard balm, and more items, all made from 100 percent pure and natural ingredients. 

More details are available at https://castlebeard.com

Castlebeard is one of the premier firms for men’s grooming and beard care products. All the products are created using all-natural ingredients and top-quality therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils, using original recipes. The products are made by hand on a farm and are proven completely effective. The product line has been tested on many different beard types to style and soften the most rugged beard growth. 

About the Company: 

Castlebeard offers a line of beard, hair, and skin products made of organic products, which are 100 percent US farm products.

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