ANIL UZUN Announces His New Book: Travelling in Times of Pandemic

ANIL UZUN is delighted to announce that he will publish a travel book. The new book will tell stories about the pandemic and travelling. The publishing details of his upcoming book on travelling will be announced soon.

Travelling in times of Pandemic, is a new book by ANIL UZUN who is a travel enthusiast and publishes travel guides on his blog. The book will be a road map for anyone willing to travel during pandemic serving as a guide for safe travelling. The book will also include pandemic pivots, side gigs and fresh starts for a safe travel experience.

ANIL UZUN says: “I respect the people who lost their loved ones and suffered from COVID19 both physically and financially in the last year. The illness has affected many lives, changed a lot of things, but one thing it has not changed is my love of travel. I miss getting excited for the holiday season, I miss spending time with my family and friends on a holiday. I miss the smell of airports, I miss hiking, I miss a lot.”

ANIL UZUN continues  “I know that it is a bold move to travel during the pandemic but some of us rely on financially to travel so we need to create safe passage ways for the ones who have to travel. With my new book I am planning to be an usher in a new era for the travel industry. I will tell the pros and cons of travelling during a pandemic.”

The Travelling in Times of Pandemic book is planned to be published in July 2021. 

Who is ANIL UZUN? 

ANIL UZUN is a travel enthusiast, and what he loves the most is to travel with his loved ones. In short, he loves to make the most out of life. ANIL UZUN started traveling when he was very young. In 2007, he began to take notes of his trips and created a travel journal. He has been traveling all around the world for about 13 years.

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