5 Tips to Get Players Using a Minecraft Server List

5 Tips to Get Players Using a Minecraft Server List

With so many Minecraft server lists to choose from, it is important to use your time wisely and post on a server list that actually matters. Minebrowse is one of those server lists that you should post on. Despite its small size, it is currently being heavily promoted on multiple advertising channels such as Google and Facebook. Compared to much sites, posting on Minebrowse would allow your server to stand out and gain way more individualized attention, thereby contributing to the growth of your server.

Minebrowse Minecraft Server List also offers affordable paid advertising services for server owners and communities. Many sites are charging hundreds and thousands of dollars to promote your servers, but Minebrowse brings something different to the table. They pride themselves in offering multiple marketing packages at an affordable price.

“We think that Minecraft is a community of gamers who may not be able to afford high-end marketing services. That is why we are outsourcing many of our marketing activities, which allowed us to keep prices low for our end-users.” said James, the Marketing Lead at Minebrowse

If you are interested in checking out some of the services, simply create an account on the official website. Then, add your server onto the list free of charge. After going through both the registration and server submission process, you will be able to view the ‘Get Sponsored’ page.

When asked for some tips for new server owners to grow their server, James was more than happy to provide a few pointers.

Make a Website

Of course, if the main avenue you are going to go down for advertising and promotion of your Minecraft server is through a website, you will have to find a quality web hosting service. It really is important to find a hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth, web hosting space, dedicated servers, MySQL databases, and FTP files and is worth looking into before purchasing any service. Make sure to have an internet marketing budget in the form of a monthly fee. Something like what Minebrowse Server List offers would be in the perfect price range.

Find and Use Unique Plugins

A suitable plugin is a must for any Minecraft Server. Many sites like Spigot and Bukkit offer a myriad of different plugins for free. However, it is important to do your research and ensure that the plugins are high quality. Low quality plugins could lead to your server going down and a lot of frustration. The initial time that your server is up comes with double the job of keeping it running. Take your time to look for a plugin that will be an added idea for you with the added benefits of saving you and your users some headaches. Just make sure you read the Review Pages worth of information them before making the installing them.

Build and Choose a Good Staff Team

There are many ways to build your team and keep them motivated. Keep in mind that the server needs to constantly be monitored, so make sure that your staff are both loyal and responsible. You also need to make sure that you can monitor and help tend to the needs of the server. As a team, ensure that you are monitoring all the latest trends as well.

Word Of Mouth

If you have friends, you could share the server with them. With this in mind, you could brainstorm various strategies as a team and narrow down niches about your server as well. Additionally, you could work with your friends to vote on your server and get it onto the top of the list.

If your friends are online, that might be even better. Blogs and forums get people talking. You may have already seen some websites advertising the various server. Make sure to offer incentives to players and friends to share the server as well. A plugin could be used to enforce that.

About Minebrowse

Minebrowse is one of the most popular Minecraft Server List on the net today. With players all over the world visiting the site every day, it has grown to be one of the most diverse server list out there. Make sure to add your server onto the list, and perhaps use one of the budget marketing packages for a slight boost in your player counts!

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