FITLIGHT Announces The Launch of Their New App For Their Reaction Training System

FITLIGHT Announces The Launch of Their New App For Their Reaction Training System
Providers of innovative fitness training solutions, FITLIGHT Corp announce the launch of the FITLIGHT® App for their unique wireless reaction training system

It is a new year, which means new gear, as FITLIGHT Corp. reiterates their goal of providing innovative solutions to help improve human performance with the recent launch of their mobile app. The FITLIGHT® App is designed to allow users of mobile devices to control their wireless light reaction training system. The new offering has the same best-in-class lights, but now coupled with a completely customizable app. The launch of the app is particularly timely, helping fitness enthusiasts and those who want to elevate their training to achieve their health goals while training at home during the pandemic.  

“We are really excited about this launch. During COVID, we took the time to invest in making our product better.  This new system makes it more affordable and accessible for people to enhance their training, whether, at home, or on-the-go – the premium quality of our hardware is now matched by the new FITLIGHT® App. The app takes our lights to the next level, giving people endless possibilities for training, limited only by your imagination.” – Alana D’Andrade, Managing Director.

Over the years, the sports and fitness industry has continued to evolve, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market as more brands offer a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers. The team at FITLIGHT has taken fitness training up a notch by developing solutions targeted at improving performance, focusing specifically on the relationship between the brain and body.  

FITLIGHT is a wireless reaction training system consisting of LED-powered lights that a user can interact with by motion or touch. The system trains and targets reaction times, speed, agility, and coordination.  It has become increasingly popular amongst major sports teams, leveraging the comprehensive training tool to train reaction and agility, as well as to applying the system for cognitive training, seeking to improve the overall performance of their athletes.

The recent launch of the FITLIGHT® App puts the system within the control of users, making it even more ideal for any type of training situation. The fully customizable and programmable app offers limitless opportunities to users, giving them access to more than 30 pre-programmed exercises with the possibility of creating customized training.  The light sensors themselves,  can also be easily deactivated by either motion or touch, offering a contactless solution, which is ideal given the Covid-19 pandemic.

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FITLIGHT Corp. is a technology company that designs and creates innovative exercise and training environments with light sensors. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment and platforms applicable in sports, healthcare, and tactical industries, with a dedicated team that continues to develop innovative products that are designed to improve human performance.

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