OAS Offers Customizable IIoT Platform for OEMs

Open Automation Software, a prominent name in the IIoT industry, is the leading provider of OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology services. The company is trusted by several industries to develop efficient and reliable IIoT solutions. OAS has always focused on empowering businesses by realizing complete industrial automation. For the past 25 years, OAS is offering the IIoT solutions that help to move, monitor, and connect data on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi platforms.

To allow further scaling of industrial operations, OAS also allows OEMs and systems integrators to build custom solutions for automation and monitoring.

Unlike other products, the OAS platform is superior in terms of connectivity, customization, and flexible licensing. OAS platform developer says, “At the time of developing our platform, we considered the unique needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. We aim to provide a solution that minimizes integration efforts and allows maximum flexibility. Our customizable IoT manufacturing solutions meet the specific needs of manufacturers. Some other products also provide an option to connect systems but we understand that each installation comes with its unique challenges. While other platforms don’t provide full customization options and some even have licensing issues, the OAS platform comes with complete customization. IIoT holds great potential for almost every industry. OEMs, in particular, can streamline their production lines, inventory management, and ensure the security and safety of systems with the OAS platform. Our advanced Industrial IoT solutions allow manufacturers to remotely monitor equipment, predict operation failures, and prevent downtime through preventative maintenance. We have solutions for the creation of fully customizable HMIs or user interfaces.”

OAS platform also comes with private labeling that allows branding the built-in configuration applications with your company logo, documentation, and titles. This feature helps companies design products that deliver their company’s brand and messages to the customers. “Our IIoT solutions not only help OEMs monitor their devices but also help in improving customer service experience to achieve higher ROI. The private labeling of the OAS platform allows users to deploy OAS as their own IIoT software product. The customization offers flexibility, unlimited connections, and decentralized network,” added the OAS system developer.

About OAS:

Open Automation Software is offering top-notch IIoT solutions for more than 2 decades. The company has gained prominence for offering OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology services that help organizations in creating efficient industrial automation and IoT structure. OAS is renowned for designing the best IoT and edge computing solutions that allow moving data from one location to another.

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