EMC Asset Management Welcomes Investors to Maximize Potential With its Platinum Fixed-Rate Bonds and Accounts

Investing in fixed-rate bonds can be a herculean task if the goal is to ultimately enhance profit in the long-term. EMC Asset Management with its wealth of knowledge & expertise has brought forth the Platinum Fixed Rate Bonds & Accounts to maximize clients’ investment potential.

EMC Asset Management employs competitive interest rates for fixed-rate bonds and accounts to ensure better returns & profitability. Fixed-rate bonds return the original capital at the end term along with the accrued interest. The team of financial gurus in EMC guides patrons towards better investment strategies to access advantageous offers while significantly minimizing risk. EMC also recently announced Platinum Premiere Accounts for exclusive clients & partners. The Platinum Premiere program is a value-oriented market-neutral equity business that ensures risk management by enabling consistently adjusted investment returns.

The team of global financial experts at EMC is constantly innovating to identify and capture new opportunities echoing with the mission & vision of the reputed firm. “I knew from the beginning it would take a team of the best and brightest – truly extraordinary colleagues with exceptional intellect, passion and creativity – to succeed. What I didn’t appreciate was the incredible power of this belief – that over the years, the collective talents and ambitions of our team would change the world of finance,” stated Karl Gerlach, Founder & CEO of EMC Asset Management.

In a recent press release, EMC released tips on the basics of investing in saving bonds. The globally lauded asset management firm listed the benefits of fixed-rate saving bonds that guarantee a set of interest over a specified term. They also discussed the risk and return of savings bonds, stating that with fixed-rate savings bonds, investors can know at the outset exactly how much they will receive once the bond matures. On the other hand, the investor’s original investment will not hold its value in real term (its ‘buying power’) if the interest they are getting is less than the rate of inflation over the investment period. EMC Asset Management offers complete solutions along with risk management assessment for their account holders.

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