EATEL Business Offers Hosted Business Phone Options

EATEL Business Offers Hosted Business Phone Options

Businesses need reliable, efficient communication methods to succeed, and that means exceptional phone systems. With that in mind, many Louisiana firms are now switching to hosted business phone systems. Hosted systems are budget-friendly, scalable, and always up to date. They allow companies to make changes when they move and offer employees flexibility.

The Definition of Web Hosted VoIP Service

A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that relies on the internet to transmit signals instead of phone lines. In recent years, ever-faster broadband speeds have made VoIP more popular among businesses looking for ways to trim costs and increase efficiency. Companies can maintain VoIP equipment servers on their premises, but many Louisiana firms turn to providers, such as EATEL Business, that offer customers a hosted VOIP service. 

Hosted services are much convenient to set up and use. For example, clients can visit review their options, and arrange for a hosted system’s professional installation. All of the equipment they need is provided, and systems are up and running quickly.

Hosted Phone Services Are Cost-Effective 

Of all the benefits of a hosted business phone system, the cost is one of the most impressive. Small businesses that switch to hosted VoIP systems can afford to compete with much bigger companies. Customers can reach experts via and work with specialists who can design systems to fit any budget.

Growing companies have access to capabilities that would otherwise be out of reach, and systems are scalable. Clients can buy just what they need and alter services as they expand. Providers constantly and automatically provide enhancements and upgrades, so equipment never becomes obsolete. 

Phone Systems Are Feature Rich 

A article points out that hosted VoIP phone systems include a range of features at no extra cost. Companies have immediate access to voicemail with an email interface, auto-attendant, and fax facilities. Phones include call queuing, call transfer, call forwarding, and call line identification. 

Systems offer easy conference calling, which makes conducting meetings with multiple people a breeze. Providers offer 24/7 support, and they constantly monitor systems. Customers never have to worry about power outages because their systems are backed up offsite.  

Suppliers provide all the equipment necessary to implement phone systems. Installing hosted VoIP phones does not add clutter to workspaces. Per Strategy Marketing Agency experts, hosted systems use a minimal number of cords to connect phones to computers. Clients avoid the traditional tangle of cables associated with conventional phone equipment. 

Employees Benefit from Hosted Systems 

Hosted VoIP business phones offer solutions to companies that want more flexibility for their employees. Those who work off-site can access the company’s phone system using their personal devices. They can also sync calls across devices, so a home, desk, and cell phone ring simultaneously. 

Workers are in constant contact with their employers regardless of their location. Because hosted systems include teleconferencing capabilities, employees can easily collaborate and never need to miss a meeting. 

EATEL Business is a Louisiana firm that provides communications and data center services to businesses of all sizes. Offering solutions ranging from simple systems to managed networks, the company is focused on ensuring clients’ success through white-glove service and industry-leading support.

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