AntibacMax® series products provide antimicrobial solutions for plastic

Plastic products bring convenience and “secondary pollution” to our lives. It is not only the microbial pollution on plastic products that affects people’s health, but the “white plastic” has caused irreversible pollution to the environment in which we live. The emergence of antimicrobial plastics is very important! Antimicrobial plastics can inhibit and block harmful bacteria from causing harm to us. It can also increase the recycling rate of plastics and make the environment healthy and green.

 antimicrobial solutions for plastic

Advantages of AntibacMax ®antimicrobial solutions for plastic products

AntibacMax ®antimicrobial plastic products with antimicrobial function

1. Has antimicrobial function

Antimicrobial plastic has an antimicrobial function, which can inhibit or kill bacteria, molds, yeasts, algae and even viruses on the plastic.

2. Keep it clean

It can keep itself clean by inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms, and the effect is long-lasting and durable.

3. Increase antimicrobial function for plastic products

This is achieved by adding an appropriate proportion of antimicrobial agents to ordinary plastics. This does not change the irrational, chemical and mechanical skills of the plastic itself, but only adds antimicrobial functions.

4. Wide range of applications

It has been applied to home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, toilets, shoe materials, building materials, and medical supplies.

Development prospects of AntibacMax ®antimicrobial agents for plastic products

Antimicrobial plastics will escort people’s green life in the future. In the future, the scale of the antimicrobial market will inevitably continue to expand, and worldwide antimicrobial market will inevitably be further opened. Antimicrobial products will become the mainstream of plastic products in the future.

From toothbrushes, plastic wraps to toilets and antimicrobial appliances, silver ion antimicrobial agents have become an indispensable part of the country’s green technology innovation and development. Provide powerful means for technological breakthroughs and green transformation in all walks of life. In today’s continuous economic progress and development, people’s health and safety are always a priority. The continuous expansion of the antimicrobial plastics market is a necessary part of technological development and innovation.

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